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6 Best LinkedIn Profiles From 6 Different Niches

6 Best LinkedIn Profiles From 6 Different Niches

When it comes to making the perfect LinkedIn profile there are some universal rules you can follow, but you will need to make your profile’s tone and style match your industry and target audience.

To give you inspiration for your own profile we’re highlighting six of the best LinkedIn profiles from six different niches. There may be crossover between different niches and industries but we’ll help you see what makes them work so well for their audience.

For our niches, we’ve selected from the most represented industries found on LinkedIn. Don’t worry if your niche isn’t at the top – it just means your LinkedIn network doesn’t need to be as big to have an impact.

1. Financial Services

Lex Sokolin's cover on LinkedIn - 7 best linkedin profiles

Creating a profile for the financial services industry requires a delicate balance between sounding approachable and professional while not appearing too boastful or inhuman.

Lex Sokolin is the Global Director of Fintech, a financial investment company, and his profile does a fantastic job of showing a breadth of experience in the industry and a genuine understanding of how it works.

His use of rich media is particularly noteworthy as he uses podcasts, articles, interviews, and talks across his summary and work history to paint a picture of an in-demand influencer and a key player in the industry.

The star of his profile summary is the opening paragraph which uses snappy prose to quickly walk us through his industry authority and in one sentence gives us an overview of his work philosophy and the confidence he operates with.  

Experience section of lex sokolin on linkedin - 7 best linkedin profiles

2. Marketing And Advertising

Shama Hyder's main cover on LinkedIn - 7 best linkedin profiles

When you work in marketing the bar for your LinkedIn profile is set high. Your LinkedIn page isn’t just another social media profile – it is part of your marketing portfolio.

Shama Hyder is the founder of the digital marketing agency Zen Media and has a profile that shows it.

There is a strong emphasis on her content (including her nearly half a million followers) and several embedded links to her keynote presentations. Her articles and updates are meticulously crafted to demonstrate powerful insights into the industry and she makes particularly good use of her LinkedIn recommendations.

You can see in the copy for her work experience how she uses zippy prose to bring the reader in and how she shows off the successes and philosophy of her company Zen Media.

Experience section of shama hyder's linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profiles




3. Information And Technology

main cover image of sara houlobek's linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profiles

Communicating all the right information with tech profiles while not being alienating to the average viewer (perhaps those working in HR or recruiting) isn’t always simple.

Sara Holoubek is CEO of Luminary Labs, a tech strategy company, and she uses her profile to outline her values while giving an overview of her career in a way that is accessible to everyone but also communicates the right keywords to those in the know.

Writing in the third-person can sometimes be too impersonal for LinkedIn but here she mediates it with a captivating first paragraph and keeps her copy professional and uses the third-person perspective to show a wide breadth of experience.

experience section of sara houlobeks' linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profiles

4. Management

main cover image of joah spearman's linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profiles

‘Management’ covers a wide range of roles but they all need to show someone who is forward thinking and capable. It’s also a niche that can encourage people to use lots of buzzwords and tired marketing straplines in their profile.

Joah Spearman is something of a LinkedIn legend and his work on LinkedIn has really boosted the success of his travel website Localeur. The content he promotes with rich media and via the LinkedIn publishing platform makes him stand out as a switched-on manager, but it’s his summary that is of particular note.

Spearman isn’t afraid to let his personality come through in his copy and he manages to display a genuine passion for his company while allowing his personal success and the success of his company to feed off each other.

experience section of joah spearman's linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profiles

5. Hospital And Healthcare

main cover of umbereen nehal's linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profiles

Healthcare isn’t the most high-profile niche on LinkedIn but it’s an industry that relies on networking and LinkedIn is widely used by healthcare professionals.

Umbereen Nehal is an assistant professor at Massachusetts Medical School and her profile skilfully melds her technical expertise alongside her acumen as an industry leader.

This is most obvious in the content she produces which looks at current events in the health industry as well as viewing social media through the prism of a healthcare professional.

The copy used in her summary and her education is a good example of a simple and straightforward profile that touches on her values and experience in an effective way.

experience section of umbereen nehal's linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profiles

6. Retail

main cover image of michelle grant's linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profile

Retail often has crossover with management, marketing, and human resources but it’s one of the most popular niches on LinkedIn and it requires a slightly different approach.

Retail companies are very competitive and you need a profile that shows off your past experience without treading on your current employer.  

Michelle Grant does an excellent job of showing off her skills in a very pragmatic way so that she is the main focus. Her updates and LinkedIn articles also support her claims that she is an expert in retail marketing.  

experience section of michelle grant's linkedin profile - 7 best linkedin profiles

Conclusion: 6 Best LinkedIn Profiles From 6 Different Niches

A good LinkedIn profile is one that draws in viewers with your personality and values before backing up any claims with hard evidence. Even if you never read an article or watched a presentation included on any of these profiles – you instantly know these are people to watch out for.

Look around at other niches and industries to get an idea of the ways that different influencers are managing to have an impact.

If you’d like help creating a profile that will leave a lasting impression, then get in touch with GettResults for a free profile analysis.