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7 Clever Ways To Use The Advanced Search On LinkedIn

7 Clever Ways To Use The Advanced Search On LinkedIn

The advanced search on LinkedIn is one of the most powerful features available on the entire platform. In fact, you could argue that this single tool alone helps separate LinkedIn from other social networks, as a tool for marketing and lead generation purposes.

But, the big question is, do you know how to use it?

Most people are in over their heads trying to use LinkedIn’s Advanced Search. Therefore, they don’t use it effectively. In order to use it effectively, you need to know how to use each element within the search to get the most out of it.

In this blog post, we’re explaining some clever ways you can use advanced search on LinkedIn properly for your company’s marketing efforts.

1. Keywords

The advanced search feature works based on keywords. What are some keywords you can type in for your niche interest or industry? For example, let’s say you wanted to do some research on contractors based in Manchester. Then you would enter the term ‘contractors’ and click Manchester in the geography section to filter the results accordingly.

2. Using modifiers

LinkedIn’s search engine is a Boolean based search engine. This means that you can refine each search by using what is called “modifiers.” The beauty of modifiers is that they allow you to get super specific with your search results and bring up exactly what you’re looking for.

Below are the best ways to use modifiers:

  • “+” plus sign – this will give you results that include more than one specified keyword
  • “Quotation marks” – hold a search phrase together and brings results matching that specific phrase
  • OR – brings up results on one keyword OR another
  • AND – brings back all results including more than one keyword
  • NOT – brings back results excluding a keyword or phrase

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3. Saving searches

When you’re researching a new market or set of businesses to target, you can often get a bit overwhelmed and forget the searches you have already performed. With the ‘save’ feature, you can save searches for a later date and keep tabs on who you’re targeting.

4. Relationships

The Relationships section in the search refers to how you’re connected. You can choose to only bring up results from people who are 2nd, 3rd and everyone else, 1st, or group members.

When searching for your ideal targets, it’s best to start with just the 2nd connections and/or group members as there is greater familiarity and your connection request is more likely to be accepted.

5. Location

Be sure to select a specific location for your targeting otherwise your search results will be global. This may be okay but generally, you need to be specific and targeted so select locations via country or city. You can also select multiple countries or cities.

This will bring up much more targeted and specific results.

6. Industry

If you know that your ideal clients work in a specific industry or industries, then advanced search on LinkedIn will bring up results of targets working in those industries. Simply enter the name of the industry in the search section for industry or select the industry from the list LinkedIn brings up.

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7. Company size

This is a great one because most likely your ideal clients are working at companies of a certain size. Let’s say you want to ONLY work with companies that have approximately 11-50 employees. Then you can search based on that. You simply select the company size and your results will only show targets that work for companies in that range selected.


Advanced search on LinkedIn is one of the best ways to specifically target your ideal clients. Using the tips we’ve just given you, you’ll be able to more effectively locate and target your ideal clients on LinkedIn.

And if you can do that, then lead generation will become much more effective for your company using LinkedIn.

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