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7 Tips To Ask For A Recommendation On LinkedIn

7 Tips To Ask For A Recommendation On LinkedIn

LinkedIn recommendations are an incredibly powerful testimonial for your LinkedIn profile. Without a doubt, a LinkedIn profile that has at least a few recommendations is much more persuasive and powerful than a profile with none at all.

However, it seems for many people, that the protocol for asking for these powerful recommendations is confusing. In this blog post, we’re going to go over how to ask for a recommendation in a manner that actually gives you the best chance of getting them from your peers and previous clients.

Tip #1 – Develop A Plan First

Before you start haphazardly messaging all of your LinkedIn connections asking for a recommendation, think about who you actually want recommending you.

Think about all the people you’ve worked with in the past or clients you did some work for. Who were they and what were their job titles? Are they from a respected company in that industry? What kind of results did you get them? What kind of work did you do?

You need to think of answers to these questions first, because ultimately your LinkedIn profile is a positioning tool for sales. So the recommendations need to be in sync with what you want to convey on your profile to your target audience. Make sure that the people recommending you are respected within their industries in their own right.

Tip #2 – Just Ask

Now is the time to get some courage! Simply just ask. After you’ve done some groundwork using the first tip, you’ll know exactly which people to reach out to. Send them a personalised message on LinkedIn or even an email telling them you’d like them to recommend you for a specific job, project, or similar during your time working with them.

If you don’t ask, then you’ll never know! As a tip, make sure to mention that you will also give them a recommendation in return for giving you one.

There are 467 million global users on LinkedIn and 106 million active users.

Tip #3 – Give Recommendations First

Another tactic for getting recommendations is to just give recommendations first. Gather a list of all the people you’d like recommendations from and simply write a recommendation for them. Not everyone will give you a recommendation in return but some will.

Tip #4 – Word Your Request

Sometimes, people just may not know what to write specifically even if they are impressed by your work and enjoyed working with you. To help them out, when you ask for the recommendation, give them an idea of what you’d like them to write.

It makes their task of giving you a recommendation much easier.

Tip #5 – Use The ‘Ask To Be Recommended’ Feature

The way to access this feature is by going to your profile and clicking on the ‘View profile as’ button. Then you can access the ‘ask to be recommended’ button.

Once you click this button, you’ll be prompted for what position you want to be recommended for and who you want to give the recommendation. This is an easy and fast way to find people to give you a recommendation although it’s not generally as effective as sending a personalised request via LinkedIn’s messenger.

Tip #6 – Don’t Pressure Someone To Give A Recommendation

Most professionals are busy people so the last thing you want to do is pressure them into giving you a recommendation. Remember, this is a favour they’re doing for you in their own time. So remember to make sure that you word the request nicely. Also make it clear that they’re under no pressure or obligation to give a recommendation.

Saying simple things like ‘when or if you find the time’ or ‘you’re under no obligation to’, etc, can make a big difference to the response you get for your recommendation request.

LinkedIn recommendations are the perfect opportunity to share social proof.

Tip #7 – Say Thanks

Don’t forget to show gratitude. Always say a big thank you to people that take time out of their own schedule to give you a recommendation.

Conclusion: Ask For A Recommendation On LinkedIn

If you use these tips, it will be a lot easier for you to ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn.

Before you start getting recommendations, it’s better to have a well-optimised profile first. With a well-optimised profile, you’re more likely to attract people who will give you a recommendation. Any recommendations received, will simply be amplified within a well-optimised profile.

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