How to find the best groups to join on linkedin

How To Find The Best Groups To Join On LinkedIn

How To Find The Best Groups To Join On LinkedIn

LinkedIn groups are a powerful way to get more awareness, exposure, and leads for your company. In fact, according to research, there are around 2 million groups on LinkedIn globally.

Given that there are so many groups to choose from, how do you choose the right one? And how do you know if that group will help you achieve your own objectives?

That is what we’re exploring in this blog post, so stick around.

1. Look For Groups In Your Target Market Or Industry

It should go without saying but we’ll say it anyway – you need to join groups that are in your industry or groups where members of your target market will be congregating. If you’re the CEO of a marketing agency, then you’ll want to join groups related to digital marketing, lead generation, or sales. You may even look to join groups that are just for CEO’s of marketing agencies or CEO’s in general.

NOTE: If you’re not a CEO or a CEO of a marketing agency, please know that there are similar groups specific to your industry.

There are 2 million groups on LinkedIn globally

2. Look At How Many Members There Are

You want to join groups that have a decent amount of members in them already. A rule of thumb is don’t join groups with less than 1,000 members. We recommend this because if a group has less than 1,000 members, then the owners of that group probably aren’t marketing the group enough. Therefore, there isn’t much activity or engagement within that group.

3. Look At The Level Of Activity And Engagement

Look for groups where members are starting discussions and other members are actively contributing to those discussions. You can see this when you’re searching for groups. Under the results for each group in “search,” LinkedIn will tell you how many discussions have taken place within the group.

The number of discussions taking place in each group is highly dependent on various factors. One being the group size. For example, a group with 10,000 members is likely to have more discussions than a group with 1,000 members. The key is to join groups where you find a consistent flow of discussions taking place. These are the groups from which you’ll get the most benefit.

4. Check The Group Description

This is a small thing, but if a group’s description area has not been filled out, then it’s probably a sign that the owner of that group doesn’t take their group seriously enough. Look for groups that have well filled out descriptions explaining the audience each group targets and what kind of discussions generally take place. Also, if a group has conditions of entry, in that you need to be approved first, then it’s probably a sign of a great group to join.

Working LinkedIn Groups effectively is a solid way to build a network and generate leads.

5. Look For Groups Your Connections Are Part Of

This shouldn’t be considered a hard and fast rule, but if you’re looking to find good groups to join then some of your connections can help you out. When searching for groups, each group will reveal which connections are part of the groups you find. This can be a good starting point for choosing a great group to join.

Conclusion: Finding The Best Groups To Join On LinkedIn

LinkedIn groups offer many opportunities for network growth, company exposure, and more leads. Use the tips in this blog post to help you find the best groups for you to join on LinkedIn. Comment in the groups regularly and share discussions. From this, you’ll start getting more exposure, awareness, and sales opportunities for your company.

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