How To Create An Ideal Client Avatar For LinkedIn

How to create an ideal client avatar for linkedin

How To Create An Ideal Client Avatar For LinkedIn

You may not be entirely sure what a client avatar is but it’s likely that you’ve already developed one – even if you did it subconsciously.

Simply put, a client avatar is a detailed profile or image of what your ideal client would look like. Your client avatar can help you decide what your strategy needs to be, who you are trying to appeal to, and what style or ideas will appeal to them.

Even if you already have a rough idea of who your target client or customer is – taking the time to firm up that idea and drill down into what makes them tick can make sure your LinkedIn efforts are seen by the right people. This post will explore what an ideal client avatar for LinkedIn is in more detail and how you can create one right away.

What Is A Client Avatar?

We’ve roughly covered what a client avatar is but what do they really look like and what information do they need to cover?

Typically, a client avatar will take the form of a story that pinpoints what the demographics of your client are, how much they use LinkedIn, what their main interests or concerns are, and all of the information you need to maximise any marketing push you make for them.

Your typical client avatar may include the following:

  • Age bracket
  • Location (including the country and city or whether they’re rural or urban based)
  • Level of education
  • Size of family
  • Industry (being as specific as possible)
  • Familiarity with LinkedIn
  • How often they use social media (do they use it on their mobile?)
  • Income (including disposable income)
  • Interests (hobbies, culture, politics)
  • How they usually perceive your industry (are they aware of it?)
  • What you can offer them (and why they’d want it)

By gathering all of this information together and giving it a face and a name you will be much better equipped to target your LinkedIn profile and engage them with any marketing efforts you make.

While it may be tempting to simply collect this information and present it in a raw form – this approach doesn’t give you an insight into why a client would come to you, what really drives them, how they socialise, and what it looks like when all of this data comes together to form a real person.

Example Of A Ideal Client Avatar For LinkedIn

The easiest way to understand how a client avatar works is to see one. Here we’ve created an example of a client avatar for a marketing agency that works mostly with small businesses. They’re always looking for new clients who need to get their message out there and to improve their advertising efforts.

We’re going to name the avatar Richard and his backstory is that he runs a small custom greeting card company.

“Richard is a 36-year-old based in Birmingham and is the founder of Top Celebrations Greeting Cards. He checks his LinkedIn profile every day but rarely makes posts, he reads posts made by entrepreneurs and designers he admires, and he found us after reading a post about the value of marketing small businesses online and then performing a Google search.

He created Top Celebrations four years ago and manages a reasonable turnover of £200,000 a year for three full-time employees. Everybody loves his product when they see it but he struggles to get consumers to come to him and doesn’t really know how to stand out against bigger competition.

He would like to increase the volume of direct sales and gives his brand enough clout that retailers will want to stock his product. His goal is to be able to focus on the aspects of the business he loves (designing cards) and less on the parts he doesn’t (admin and sales) so that he can spend more time with his wife and two children.

So far he hasn’t really done marketing and he doesn’t have a real marketing budget. He is the whole marketing team. He’s relied entirely on a few websites such as Groupon and Etsy to promote his products and he isn’t really sure that social media is worth his time.

In the past, he has had bad experiences with online digital agencies after paying for a poorly designed website. He doesn’t yet know just how much traffic could be generated for his website or how many avenues there are for getting his product seen. He has no real idea how SEO works or how to generate regular traffic.”

This avatar helps us to see what difficulties there are in getting Richard as a client, how his personality and history links together, and what can really be offered to him.

By laying out the information in this way you can see important elements for your approach such as making sure he can trust you, marketing your selling points in a way he can understand, and understanding that he wants to take a backseat when it comes to marketing.

Developing A Ideal Client Avatar For LinkedIn

The first step in creating a client avatar is getting the data and information to lay the foundation. If you don’t have much data about previous clients, then you might consider creating a survey to send out (check this article for advice) or making some deductions about prior clients.

Pick four or five clients who are typical of the general type of clients you work with and make a note of where they fit in terms of history, background, and demographics.

You can then average this information out and start putting together an avatar.  For each avatar begin with a name and a picture. You then want to create a dossier that catalogues their family size, income, education level etc.

Before you start creating the final profile, take some time to get into character as your avatar and write an account of how they got in touch with you and what they were hoping for by doing this.

You are then ready to create your finished profile summary and it should include:

  • The client’s background
  • Their current employment or business
  • How often they used LinkedIn
  • How they could potentially find you
  • Their needs as they relate to your services
  • Their budget
  • What would appeal to them
  • What their worries are likely to be

Start Creating Your Ideal Client Avatar For LinkedIn Today

An ideal client avatar for LinkedIn allows you to better understand what your future clients will look like and allows you to be better informed with the decisions you make when marketing you or your business via LinkedIn.

Try to make three or four avatars so that you can cover a range of potential clients and don’t worry too much about making sure that your avatar profiles are perfectly written or beautifully rendered.

Make sure to use these avatars to guide you but don’t become a slave to them either.

If you’d like help evolving your LinkedIn marketing efforts, then get in touch with GettResults for a free profile analysis and get help creating your future strategies.