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How To Use An Ebook To Grow Your LinkedIn Profile

How To Use An Ebook To Grow Your LinkedIn Profile

As the popularity of ebooks has risen, so has their use in marketing. The ease with which you can create and share ebooks means they are perfect for sharing ideas quickly and they are a simple way to provide lots of value to your audience.

For many professionals, LinkedIn is becoming their main platform for connecting with others and for publishing content. Luckily, LinkedIn is also a fantastic platform for sharing ebooks and there are many ways to use ebooks to improve your professional credibility and to grow your network.

In this post, we’ll look at how you can use ebooks to market your business or personal brand and how you can use LinkedIn to maximise their impact.

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What Can An Ebook Do For You?

The first thing to note is that ebooks have much more flexibility than conventional books. A standard-sized traditional book needs to be at least 80,000 words long and it has strict rules about the content that can be included. An ebook, however, can be almost any length and it can house complex graphics or a unique layout.

What this means is that ebooks can be as short as a pamphlet and they can place more emphasis on making data or research more accessible with interactive infographics.

Ebooks are open to everyone and they have a host of uses, for example, a gardener might produce a short guide to designing the perfect garden or a human resources manager might create a master class on dealing with workplace conflict resolution. Check out this article from Content Cursive for ideas.

Not only do these ebooks improve your credibility and provide evidence of your expertise, but they can be used to grow a mailing list, to generate more clients, direct traffic towards a website, and they operate as a go-to piece of marketing material.

Unlike an article or blog post, an ebook can be promoted and shared on a variety of different websites such as Amazon or Smashword, and since the content is often evergreen, they can be used to promote your brand over a longer period of time.

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Strengthening Your LinkedIn Profile With An eBook

Ebooks have use beyond LinkedIn but they are an effective tool to help increase exposure for your profile and to improve its authority.

To begin with, you can include a PDF copy of your ebook on your LinkedIn profile in your profile summary or as part of your work experience in order to improve engagement with your audience. You can also promote your ebook in your profile banner or provide a link to the full ebook to generate more traffic for an external website.

Next, you can use your ebook when networking with other users. During a discussion you can link to your ebook to where relevant or you can offer it as a gift for clients or people on a mailing list. By sharing it, you keep your name in the conversation longer and create more social currency for your brand.

This can be particularly useful if you are searching for a new job. As well as growing your network, you’ll impress recruiters and hiring managers with your dedication to the industry and show the type of value you can offer.

Creating An eBook

The most direct way to create an eBook is to simply write it yourself. There are hundreds of templates and guides online that will show you how it’s done. Smashwords was developed as a website to do just this.

However, if you’re worried about the time it will take and you want to make sure that your ebook looks fantastic and reads well, then you might consider hiring a marketer or freelancer to create your ebook. They can work from your notes to produce something that is authentic to your voice and ideas, and produce a high-quality finished product.

Once you have the completed book in an easy-to-share format, it’s straightforward to upload it to LinkedIn or to share it with your audience.

Conclusion: Use An Ebook To Grow Your LinkedIn Profile

Ebooks can be a powerful online marketing tool to grow your LinkedIn profile and they are available to suit a wide variety of businesses and brands. The credibility and engagement you gain from an ebook can be the difference between someone choosing you or a competitor.

Take the time to see how others are using ebooks on Linked or as part of an online marketing campaign to get a feel for what they can do.

If you’d like help designing an ebook or increasing exposure for your LinkedIn profile, then get in contact with the social media experts at GettResults.