7 steps to increasing engagement with your target audience on linkedin

7 Steps To Increasing Engagement With Your Target Audience On LinkedIn

7 Steps To Increasing Engagement With Your Target Audience On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is arguably the best tool online for connecting with other professionals and building authority in your industry.

To get the most out of LinkedIn you need to make a lasting impression on your target audience so you can increase viewers, get your brand seen, and make new opportunities.

In this article, we’ll look at seven steps you can immediately try out to expand your network and get more engagement with your target audience on LinkedIn.

1. Personalised Introductions

Every time you connect to a user you potentially increase your influence and how far your content will be spread – not just to your new connect but anyone they might share it with.  

Once you’ve clicked that blue ‘connect’ button on a user’s profile you’ll be given the option to send a message along with your connection invitation. Not only is it important to introduce yourself with this message, it’s important that you create a personal introduction for each connection to open up a friendly dialogue.

7 steps to increasing engagement with your target audience on linkedin - personalised introductions

Your introduction shouldn’t be too long – no more than 100 words. Include a simple greeting and mention how you are connected and embellish it with a shared memory or interest.

For example, if you are connecting with a colleague, then you might say that’s it good to see them on Linkedin and comment on a project you worked on together that is mentioned in their profile.

If it’s a person you met briefly at an event, then you might include how great it was to meet them and suggest you’re interested in learning more about their area of focus.

If you’re trying to connect to a complete stranger, then tell them what it is you admire about their work or profile.

2. Creating And Writing Updates

Status updates on LinkedIn are very powerful because they share your profile image and job title with your network and they can be published publicly on LinkedIn (remember to change the settings on updates so they are public).

They keep you in the conversation, and according to LinkedIn posting an average of 20 updates a month allows you to reach 60% of your unique audience: the part of your network that regularly uses LinkedIn.

7 steps to increasing engagement with your target audience on linkedin - creating updates

Try to post once a day, at least five times a week and use these updates to build your authority on LinkedIn. Consider posting links to relevant articles and videos, link to your own posts, share updates about your workplace, or share your thoughts on current events.

Original photographs and images are generally the best things to include with updates as they don’t require much of a time-investment from your audience but it gives them considerable value.

3. Writing Posts

As well as regular update, it’s important to write your own posts and articles on the LinkedIn publishing platform.

Longer-form posts are crucial to ranking well on search engines (where your profile is scored on how much value it appears to offer users) and to impressing others in your network.

7 steps to increasing engagement with your target audience on linkedin - writing posts

There’s no easier way to impress employers, customers, or peers than a thoughtful and high-quality post. To help you do that we’ve covered in-depth the best way to make a killer post on LinkedIn (LINK: Making a Killer Post on LinkedIn).

Try to post something at least once a week so that you become known as a content creator to watch. This comes with the added bonus that it works as one of your weekly status updates.

4. Engage With Comments And Posts 

When you like someone else’s update or post it gives them a notification that you’ve done so and comment-sections give you an effortless invitation to talk with your target audience.

Set aside some time each day to like posts you appreciate, to give your thoughts on an update, and to reply to any comments left on your own content. Don’t forget to like your own posts to get the ball rolling.

Comments can get your profile seen by others and it encourages people to read and comment on your own content.

7 steps to increasing engagement with your target audience on linkedin - commenting

As LinkedIn is a professional platform and not a soapbox, you generally want your comments to be supportive and to add to another person’s content. Share your own story, thank them for showing you a new point of view, or suggest further reading related to their comment.

5. Join Groups And Be An Active Member

LinkedIn groups are sometimes an overlooked feature but they are vital for engaging with your target audience.

Joining one gives you the opportunity to share content, to ask questions, and to engage with potentially thousands of professionals with similar interests or goals. It’s the ideal place to grow your audience and the members are self-selected to be your perfect demographic.

Begin by joining relevant groups. Look at the groups your peers are in and start searching for groups in LinkedIn’s group directory or the via main search bar.

7 steps to increasing engagement with your target audience on linkedin - join groups

You can join up to 50 groups at any one time and you want to consider where your target audience is likely to be. Once you’ve explored various groups try to focus on two or three that really suit your needs and begin posting in them on a regular basis.

This is a fantastic way to make new contacts, to improve your authority in the industry, and to learn about recent developments.

6. Share Valuable Content With Your Network

Whether it’s via an update, a comment, or discussion in your groups – you need to add value to your network. One of the easiest ways to do this is to be the one breaking fascinating and relevant news stories with your audience.

Applications such as Feedly and Flipboard allow you to create custom feeds of new articles and content based on your areas of interest. The articles are typically high-quality and you’ll come across them the day of publication.  

7 steps to increasing engagement with your target audience on linkedin - emails

Feedly.com feed for marketing articles

You can then pick the articles that you think will appeal most to your target audience and post them to LinkedIn. Make sure to put thought into your curation of articles and avoid bombarding your network with too many articles: stick to two or three a week.

7. Provide Introductions Between Your Connects 

LinkedIn gives you the option for you to work as the middleman between connects by introducing them to each other.

To do this, you go to the profile of the person you want to introduce and select the dropdown box next to ‘send message’.  From here you have the option to ‘share profile’, which will allow you to enter the names of the users you want to introduce them to.

Make sure to customise the message with an explanation as to why you are making an introduction. It might be because they have similar interests or you know about an opportunity that would benefit them.

Not only does this increase the chances you’ll be introduced to someone valuable but it’s also a simple offering that can be hugely beneficial to your audience.

You’ll quickly be able to find introductory opportunities by sharing content, expanding your network, and being a keen member of your groups.

Getting More Engagement With Your Target Audience On LinkedIn

The key to engaging your target audience is giving them value for their time. Sharing high-quality content, introducing them to new people, and providing valuable insights on group pages are all examples of this at work.

Ensure that all of your content is high-quality, get into the mind of your target audience when posting, and be sure to use LinkedIn on a regular basis – even if it takes a while to build up momentum.

If you’re looking to grow your network and impress viewers with your profile, then it’s vital that you look at it from every conceivable angle. Get a free LinkedIn profile analysis today from the social media marketing experts at GettResults.