LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. It’s reported that 1 in 3 professionals globally have a profile on LinkedIn, 80% of members want to connect with companies on there, and there are over 450 million users globally on the platform.

Furthermore, 44% of B2B marketers have generated leads through LinkedIn, which is better than any of the other social networks.

LinkedIn contains a unique target market you won’t find on any of the other social networks. You can either make a change now and start getting better results from LinkedIn or keep doing what everyone else is doing on LinkedIn and be stuck with lacklustre results.

If you’ve never had any LinkedIn work done at all and are getting started then we recommend you start with a LinkedIn Profile Analysis. This is 100% free and it’s the best way for you to get started and see the kind of value there is in getting LinkedIn work done at no financial risk to you at all.

Once you’ve finished your analysis, the next logical step will be a LinkedIn Model Profile, which is one of our paid standard solutions. Then you can consider some of our more advanced training options after that whether it be a webinar or full training day.

Unlike many other companies, we’re not going to lie to you and feed you bulldust.

The honest truth is that we cannot guarantee you any specific results. What we can do is show you the dozens of client testimonials we have that demonstrate we have gotten incredible results for our clients whether it be more exposure or even generating more leads.

We also have case studies you can see here.

Gett Results is a team of experts in various aspects of LinkedIn marketing.

Gett Results was founded with the vision to help businesses really use LinkedIn. With experience in consulting, training, writing and branding leaders and CEO’s at hundreds of companies throughout the team, we provide a proven set of solutions.

Each of these three areas tends to place emphasis on certain areas related to LinkedIn marketing and we have structured it in this way so it’s easier for clients to work out what stage they’re at with LinkedIn.

Gett Noticed is more the fundamentals of LinkedIn like having a great LinkedIn profile or company page that is designed to get more notice and exposure.

Gett Connected is the logical next step, which features products and services covering various ways individuals and companies can grow their networks, get more exposure, and build brand awareness.

Lasty, there is Gett Growth, which is heavily focused on the marketing and lead generation side of LinkedIn. The majority of Gett Growth products and services are all based on how individuals and companies can maximise lead generation opportunities and use LinkedIn to grow their profits.