6 ways to find a new job with linkedin

6 Ways To Find A New Job With LinkedIn

6 Ways To Find A New Job With LinkedIn

With half a billion users and 10 million job listings live at any one time – there is good reason to think of LinkedIn as one of the best platforms out there for finding a new job. You can get your profile seen by thousands and secure unique job openings that aren’t available anywhere else.

Unlike on Reed or Monster, however, where jobs are mostly found via listings, with LinkedIn you really do need to hunt for jobs to find those perfect opportunities. There are multiples avenues for finding jobs and you need to be aware of all of them.

In this post, we’re going to look at the six main ways to find a new job with LinkedIn. No matter your profession, it’s worth trying out these different avenues to discover what’s available.

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1. The LinkedIn Search Tool

The simplest way to find a new job with LinkedIn is to use its main search tool and to select ‘jobs’ from the drop down box available. From there you’ll be taken to LinkedIn’s job searching tool which will show you a range of recent openings related to your opening and near your location.

To make the most of the search, ensure that your profile is filled in correctly and use the filters to sift out olds jobs or to look for openings at specific companies – including employment agencies such as Reed.

When you’ve found a job you like, then you can choose to apply for it via LinkedIn or externally using any contact details that are available.

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2. Getting Job Referrals

Referrals are one of the best ways to find a new job because it adds a lot of credibility to your application and sets you ahead of the other candidates.

Many companies have employee referral schemes which mean that they are given a bonus if they recommend a candidate who is successfully hired. You can use LinkedIn to take advantage of this by researching employees online and contacting them about new job openings.

This will work best when you have some form of ‘in’ with the company such as shared connection. This is why it’s so important to always be growing your network.

3. The LinkedIn Job Board

As well as its search tool, LinkedIn also offers a comprehensive job hunting hub that matches you with jobs that match your profile and the ability to set-up job search alerts and to compare salaries with similar candidates.

You can input the type of job you are looking for, when you want to start, the type of industry you want to work in, and the size of company you are interested in. The more information you enter – the more personalised your job page will be.

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4. Finding A Recruiter

Recruiters or HR managers are one of the best pipelines for finding a new job and LinkedIn makes connecting with them easier than ever.

To begin, make sure you have your career interests inputted and that you have ‘open candidate’ switched on. Alongside a completed profile – this will signal that you are ready to start looking for a new job.

Next, you can start actively looking for recruiters by using the LinkedIn search tool and selecting ‘people’. Click on ‘All Filters’ to be able to search different companies and search for ‘recruiters’ and ‘human resources’ to find potential recruiters you can connect with.

Don’t be afraid to message recruiters if you think they can help you find a new job – just make sure to be polite and honest. If you are good candidate, then they will appreciate you approaching them.

5. Build Connections And Networking

LinkedIn’s various platforms and functions can all come together to help you find new job openings. You’ll want to post content, make comments, join groups, and grow your network constantly in order to have the most opportunities possible.

Pay attention to your feed for signs of new openings and try to connect with influencers or people working in HR to make sure you are maximising your chances of coming across something. Where appropriate, make sure to mention you’d be interested in working with a company in the future.

6. Getting In Early

One of the best ways to find a new job is to make sure your name is already in the conversation when a new position comes up. To do this you’ll need to network with people you’d like to work with in the future and make sure to interact with them regularly.

You’ll have better chances with this strategy when speaking to start-ups or growing companies. Use LinkedIn’s search tool to find companies that are nearby and send a message that lets them know you are impressed by their company and what you feel you could offer.

Conclusion: How To Find A New Job With LinkedIn

Many of the methods for finding a job with LinkedIn are simply updated versions of techniques that job hunters have always done. For the best chances of success, make sure that your profile is perfect, grow your network strategically, and always be up-to-date with the latest advancements in your industry.

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