how to get a promotion with linkedin

How To Get A Promotion With LinkedIn

How To Get A Promotion With LinkedIn

LinkedIn is now well-established as the go-to platform for finding new positions and connecting with recruiters, but it has just as much potential to help you move up within your current company or business.

Securing a promotion requires you to increase your visibility in your industry and to prove that you have the ability to take on more responsibilities while bringing value to a new role. LinkedIn allows you to do all of this with a carefully crafted profile and a good networking strategy.

In this post, we’ll look at the key steps you need to take to help you get a promotion with LinkedIn.

Create A Compelling Profile

To begin, you need to fully complete your LinkedIn profile including a summary, work history, skills, recommendations, and so on. Your profile should tell a story of your career that gives the viewer a sense of momentum and also emphasises your range of skills.

Create your profile with your company’s HR department and your boss in mind. What would appeal to them? Make sure to brand yourself as a keen member of your company and to demonstrate that you understand your company’s ethos and ideals.

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Pitch Yourself For Bigger Roles

It’s often said that you when you interview for a job that you should dress for the role you want and the same principle is true here. If you want to be considered for a senior management role, then your profile should look and read like the profile of a senior manager.

Make sure that you have a professional cover image, that you have a captivating banner, and write your summary and work history to show off the necessary skills for the senior role.

It’s also a good idea to use LinkedIn’s project section to include a case study of an assignment or project that you performed particularly well in.

Remember, however, that you are trying to appeal to your current workplace and they know who you are. Don’t take credit where it isn’t due or overstate your current responsibilities.

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Grow Your Network

Once you’ve got your captivating LinkedIn profile ready, it’s time to start getting it seen by the people you want to impress. Begin by connecting with colleagues and your employer in order to get closer to the people who can give you a promotion.

Remember to include a personalised message to everyone you connect with and and to mention that you’re interested in pursuing more ambitious projects with them.

If you work at a particularly large company, then you may need to slowly work towards adding members of HR or your various managers. You can do this with real-life networking, by committing yourself to new projects at work, and by trying to be a part of your company’s LinkedIn page.

Establish Yourself As A Thought Leader

When you have the right connects in your LinkedIn network, you want to stay on their radar and to continually impress them. The best way to do this is to style yourself as a thought leader.

To do this, you’ll need to create insightful blog posts, produce regular LinkedIn updates, and post videos of you giving presentations or working on online projects. When they’re looking to promote someone, your name will already be in the conversation.

Make sure to join groups, share relevant news stories, and to connect with influencers on LinkedIn. All of this will increase your industry authority and set you apart as someone who is passionate about your industry.

Create A Sustainable Branding Strategy

Making a strong push for a promotion will take time and to make it work you’ll need to have a strategy that promotes your personal brand and consistently delivers updates and content to LinkedIn.  

Set aside some time each week to create new content and make sure that you have at least 10 minutes a day to make updates and reply to comments. Most importantly, make sure that your strategy is sustainable and fits into your schedule.

Conclusion: How To Get A Promotion With LinkedIn

LinkedIn gives you the visibility and credibility to make sure you are a strong contender next time a promotion comes up. Make sure to pay attention to any new opportunities and use a combination of online and at-work networking to maximise your efforts.

The tactics and techniques here can also be used to help you leverage a pay-rise or to be considered for other workplace training schemes or opportunities.

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