Get A LinkedIn Model Profile Created That Gets More Exposure And Grows Your Business… And If You’re Not Satisfied With Our Work You Get Your Money Back!

If you have ever struggled to grow your network, get more exposure, and get more leads using LinkedIn then this will be the most important message you read this year.

We are GETT Results, a company that specialises in LinkedIn marketing solutions and creating LinkedIn profiles that get exposure and grow businesses.

And we can safely bet that your LinkedIn profile is probably making a bad impression that’s costing you opportunities for exposure and growth on LinkedIn.

We say this because we have worked with FTSE 100 companies, startups, SME’s and individual corporate professionals globally from CEO’s to directors and executives.

And The Overwhelming Majority Of People We Worked With Had No Idea Their LinkedIn Profiles Were Creating Such A Bad Impression.

Inevitably, what happened is that many of these people came to realise that their profiles were costing them opportunities to land sales contracts, book sales meetings, and even grow their networks.

We’re sure that the same thing is probably happening to you right now every single day.

And until you take proactive action to improve your LinkedIn profile, you’re going to continue getting poor results and struggling to use LinkedIn get meaningful results.

Maybe You’re Thinking, “Oh, Who Cares, It’s Just LinkedIn. Why Bother Getting LinkedIn Work Done At All?

If that is you then consider the following:

  • LinkedIn has 450 million users globally and growing fast every month
  • 1 in 3 professionals are reported to have a profile on LinkedIn
  • 44% of B2B marketers say LinkedIn is the best for generating leads
  • 63% of marketers found LinkedIn to be one of the best platforms for B2B marketing
  • LinkedIn has over 33,000 corporate customers
  • 59% of LinkedIn users don’t use Twitter, which opens up a unique market just for LinkedIn
  • Half of LinkedIn users are reported more likely to buy from a company that they are connected with on the platform

So the question we want to pose to you now is this…

“How can you seriously ignore all of that and not take your LinkedIn profile and the profiles of your employees seriously?”

If you’re being really honest with yourself, you know you can’t because you care about your company and getting results. You care about your career.

And let’s be truthful, you do care about making a great impression whether it’s to visitors or peers within your organisation.

We Will Work With You To Create A LinkedIn Model Profile That Gets You Results On LinkedIn

A Gett Notiaced LinkedIn Model Profile will accomplish the following:

  • Get people contacting you for business opportunities or even consultation calls for your company
  • Position you as an authority and credible expert in your industry and organisation
  • Position you as an industry thought leader even if you’re not a senior figure in your company or field
  • Direct a steady flow of traffic back to your website
  • Become a vital bridge between your company’s marketing and sales department so lead generation becomes 10x easier
  • Reduce skepticism and eliminates doubts from third parties that view your profile
  • Leaves first time visitors with an impression that will make it hard for them to forget you
  • Becomes a vital cog in your inbound lead generation and sales tool
  • Generates leads for you everyday without you ‘being there’

Most people are not aware that a well-thought out LinkedIn profile can accomplish such incredible results.

And the reason they don’t know is because this information isn’t common knowledge. This is information that we realised after years of working in this field.

We then used this information to create a specific process and methodology that is designed to get you extraordinary results on LinkedIn. Our CEO is certified as a LinkedIn trainer and we have several LinkedIn Growth Consultants on the team.

Our Proven Methodology That Will Get You Results

The methodology we developed is a result of looking at thousands and thousands of profiles over the last two years or more.

We looked at all these profiles, noticed patterns and saw what needed to happen in each area so our clients would get better results. This is something that tooks years of time and effort to develop.

We liken this entire methodology to building a house.

You cannot learn everything you need to know about building a house in a few days. It takes years of learning and on the job experience before you comfortably know HOW to actually build a new house.

It’s the same with a LinkedIn profile. There are so many different parts that are crucial to your success that you can’t see because you’re not trained in this area.

Just like if you tried to build a house next week you wouldn’t have a clue where to even start.

By and large, this applies to nearly everyone on LinkedIn even people who are considered thought leaders in their industries.

Most Thought Leaders And Industry Experts Have Poor LinkedIn Profiles


As a test, go and look up the profiles of 20 or so people you’d consider thought leaders in your industry right now.

Notice how many don’t really have a good LinkedIn account?

Maybe they have a poor profile picture. Maybe their summary and experience sections aren’t filled in properly. Maybe there is no rich media, case studies or more used throughout.

Why is that?

These people are well-respected. They’re articulate and clever. They have good people around them.

Yet, their profiles just aren’t up to scratch.

The reason is because they don’t have the time and energy to get it right.

It comes back to the builder analogy we mentioned.

You need to spend a lot of time to understand how to do all this and most people just don’t have the time nor energy to bother learning it.

There are so many skills and parts that you must learn and it’s just far too much even for thought leaders across many industries.

To prove our point even further, we ran a survey at the Festival of Marketing conference in London this year. There were 350 speakers and only 60 of them had a LinkedIn profile that got a score of 60 using our ‘GETT Score’ system and many of them still had unfinished pages.

All in all, this isn’t some half-measures approach we’re taking to this. This methodology is one that has generated the kind of results we bet you’re l
ooking for.

Here is just one example of that. 

“My LinkedIn Model Profile writing service with Gett Results was both enjoyable and professional. It even gave me great insights into myself, and was a very pleasant and thought-provoking journey. Gett Results are a dynamic team, that I recommend at every opportunity. The return on investment has been immense. I think everyone should have this service as it certainly has achieved the desired effect for me.”

Phil Brown, Leading North West Law Firm

The 7 Step Process You’ll Go Through That Almost Guarantees
You Incredible Results On LinkedIn

While the process is a painstaking one, we follow a simple format to make sure we get everything perfect for you.

  • 1 We start off with an interview – we’ll get deep into who your target audience is, who you are, your challenges and goals with LinkedIn, and more.
  • 2 We’ll prepare a series of questions for you based on your specific industry and sector so we can dig out the most important aspects of your skills, expertise and experience that will wow everyone who reads your profile.
  • 3 We’ll uncover everything that is unique about you that you’d like to capture on your profile and any specific achievements you want to highlight.
  • 4 We then send the information to our writing team.
  • 5 Our writing team will then scour through all the information dissecting the most important parts to include in your profile.
  • 6 We go through an editing process with you to ensure you get exactly what you want and so we capture the tone of voice you’re after.
  • 7 We happily upload your new profile for you to your account.

At the end of this entire process, you’ll have a LinkedIn profile that
will get you the specific results you’re looking for.

“I found the time I spent with Gett Results incredibly useful and it will now allow me to properly use my LinkedIn profile as a business tool in the design it was meant to be.”

Stuart AJ Mackay, Grant Thornton UK LLP

“I’ve always known there is success to be had from using LinkedIn, but until I sat down with Gett Results, I didn’t quite realise how. Their insight and guidance on how to use LinkedIn, alongside the way they explained it made it effortlessly simple. I now see LinkedIn for the real benefit it can offer. Thank you Gett Results for providing foresight and strategy.”

Peter Walmsley, St. James’s Place Partnership

 Not Everyone Who Reads This Will Be Qualified To Work With Us

This is a prestigious service only available to a select chosen group of people per month.

We literally get hundreds of enquiries about this service each month so it’s a case of first in, first served.

No exceptions.

Here is who this service is most suitable for:

  • CEO’s, business owners, executives, self-employed professionals, and other corporates
  • You need to be aware that your LinkedIn profile needs improvement to get better results
  • You need to be willing to commit to our process and see it through to the end
  • You’re someone who wants to haggle on price and needs convincing of the value of this

There is a tremendous amount of hours committed by us to do this work so if you’re someone who takes a week to answer an email or simply doubts they can find the time to take interviews with us and allow time for editing then you won’t be a good fit for this.

If you think you fit the bill then take action today or miss out altogether.


Act Now – Get Your LinkedIn Model Profile Created

We’ll create your LinkedIn model profile for you. If you’re still unsure then ask yourself the following questions:


“Can I continue to keep missing out on the opportunities for more exposure and sales on LinkedIn?”

“Can I continue with my current profile even if it reflects poorly on me professionally and for my company?”



“Can I continue missing out on perfect job opportunities because I have no idea how to position my profile for success?”

“Can I continue missing out on making valuable relationships that will give me more success in my field?”



You’re Protected By A No Risk 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We’re willing to offer you a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re still unsatisfied with your profile even after our intense editing and feedback process then we’ll give you all your money back.

You really have no reason to not take action and get your LinkedIn model profile created.

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