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Why You Need A Great LinkedIn Profile Picture

You meet a like-minded professional at a conference where you strike up a conversation about a potential partnership between your firm and his startup. You exchange contact information and on the flight home you punch his name into LinkedIn to secure the connection only to find his profile photo features him in a straw hat slurping on a tropical drink in some dive bar. Your confidence in his ability to be your professional touchstone takes three big steps back and this is the perfect demonstration of why you need a great LinkedIn profile picture.

You’ve started your own consultancy business after all these years; finally breaking away from the day-to-day droll of working for someone else. You’ve got the website running, the social media feed going, and you keep meaning to invest in a professional headshot for your LinkedIn profile, but for now the selfie of you and your two best girlfriends dressed to the nines to go see U2 in concert should suffice, right?

And yet you get that sinking feeling that each time a contact goes to check you out on LinkedIn, they’re seeing an amateur playing at consultant rather than a brilliant young mind in the field eager to branch out.

Don’t Flunk On Your LinkedIn Profile Picture

It is truly amazing how little time people spend on something so vastly important to success not only on LinkedIn, but in the business world as a whole. One of the most common mistakes you see on LinkedIn is a serious lack of a great LinkedIn profile picture. This is followed by incomplete profiles.

First impression last


LinkedIn is the social network for professionals. And what do professionals crave above all else? Making a good first impression. And how can you do that when your profile picture, the first thing anyone looks at, shows you holding a pint of ale at your local St. Patrick’s Day extravaganza?

You can’t, that’s how and we hope you’re now starting to see why having a great LinkedIn profile picture is so important.

Having a bad profile picture doesn’t just reflect poorly on you, but on the company you work of and the brand you represent.

Essential Requirements Of A Great LinkedIn Profile Picture

Head shots are a necessary investment of money and time for you and your company. You can’t fake them with a selfie stick and a white poster board background.

And it’s not just about having a professional headshot, but the way you appear while taking it. You want people to gravitate towards your profiled based on your photo, so stern looks, clashing colours, and brilliant background aren’t going to do the trick for you.

Here are a few ‘musts’ for a great LinkedIn profile picture:

  • Shows the top of your shoulders and your head
  • Genuine, friendly smile
  • Dressed in professional attire
  • Neutral background
  • Taken in the past two years

By comparison, here are a number of surefire ways to ruin your LinkedIn profile picture:

  • A selfie
  • Not smiling
  • Blurry
  • Too dark/bright
  • No picture at all
  • Holding an alcoholic drink / smoking a cigarette or a cigar

Still not convinced? For a lot of people, seeing is believing, and the best way to see things is through cold, hard statistics.

  • 1 in 3 professionals have a LinkedIn profile
  • 21 million professionals in the UK have a LInkedIn profile
  • 467 million professionals have a LinkedIn profile worldwide

No matter what sort of work you do for a living, you know that your next opportunity for a new job, a new collaboration, knowing that one-third of the UK population can be seeing your profile at any one time, why wouldn’t you want to put your best face forward?

Make sure you create a great first impression with your LinkedIn profile


For us, it doesn’t make sense to not have a great LinkedIn profile picture and we hope you can now also see why it’s professional suicide to have anything less than a professional profile picture on LinkedIn.

Need A Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture?

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