tips to grow your network on linkedin

7 Tips To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn Fast

7 Tips To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn Fast

The true power of LinkedIn lies in the network and how many people you’re connected with on the platform. The bigger your network, the bigger your 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections are. This matters because LinkedIn is a huge search engine. Only people that have the first three connections will show up in search results.

So the bigger your network, the more likely you are to appear in the right search results and also at the top of those search results when people are searching for professionals with your skill expertise.

This blog post will outline 7 tips to grow your network on LinkedIn fast.

1. Optimise Your Profile

What is the first thing people do when they get a connection request on LinkedIn? They check out the profile of the person sending the request. If you don’t have a professional, well-optimised profile then you can be sure that people will hesitate or reject your connection requests.

People don’t want to be connected with those who have a poor LinkedIn profiles. This association would reflect poorly on them and the company they represent.

2. Import Contacts From Your Email Account

This is definitely the fastest way to grow your network if you’re just starting out. When you create a new account, LinkedIn will give you the option of inviting and connecting with people based on who is synched with your email account.

Using this method, you can potentially add hundreds of new contacts to your network within a couple of days.

There are 500 million global users on LinkedIn


3. Cold Direct Outreach

This can be time consuming and tedious but it’s certainly an effective way to grow your network. If you want to maximise your chances of growing your network via cold direct outreach, you first need to know who and what kind of professionals you want to connect with.

Once you work this out, you can find these professionals using a Boolean search incorporating job titles or professions. Then start sending connection requests to people that appear in the search who you’d like to connect with.

If you commit to sending, for example, 20 connection requests per day via cold outreach then you will grow your network very quickly within a few weeks.

4. Your Other Social Accounts

If you have other social accounts with large followings, you can post an announcement, tweet, etc, that you’re now on LinkedIn and would like to connect with your fellow professionals. If you’ve already got large followings on your other social accounts, you should find that this is an easy way to get a decent number of new connections in your network fairly quickly.

5. Joining And Participating In Groups

Join a few different groups related to your expertise and commit to posting comments on threads in them, or even starting your own thread in the groups. Even if you pick just one group per day to post comments in, it will make a difference because others will see your comments, think of you as an expert, and want to connect with you.

If you apply this strategy consistently or daily, you will find a nice trickle of connection requests from people in those groups each month. Alternatively, perhaps more effectively, you can even start your own group and give yourself even more credibility.

If you want to be found on LinkedIn, strategically build your number of first-degree connections.


6. Publishing Blog Content

Publishing blog content is now an easy way to reach millions of people globally with your content. Not only is this incredible reach but it creates expert positioning. If you publish content regularly, you’re more likely to reach your target audience on Facebook, and they’re more likely to reach out to you first with a connection request.

Another benefit of publishing blog content is that you can then choose which posts to display at the top of your profile, which further helps build expert positioning and credibility.

7. Posting Daily Updates

Posting daily updates is an easy and effective way to expand your network because people will often comment, like and even share your updates. When they do this, it shows up in their connections’ news feed.

So, if people can see that a connection of theirs is sharing or liking some updates you posted then this means they’re likely to want to connect with you. If you have a lot of connections and do this daily then it ends up snowballing into a powerful strategy for growing your network.

Final Words: 7 Tips To Grow Your Network On LinkedIn Fast

If you set aside just 30 minutes per day to implement the tips we’ve provided in this blog post, then you will add hundreds of new connections on LinkedIn within 30 days. It won’t come overnight but commit to specific daily actions consistently, even for just 30 minutes per day, and you’ll see results.

This all begins with a well-optimised LinkedIn profile. Click here if you’d like to get a free LinkedIn Profile Analysis.