How To Use Case Studies To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

how to use case studies to boost your linkedin profile

How To Use Case Studies To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

One of the best tools for online marketing is a case study: a document that explains a success story from your past so that future clients and customers can see how you operate. Not only do they attract customers but they help you define your work approach and philosophy.

A recent survey done by Ascend2 found that case studies were the most effective form of content marketing – outranking other forms of content such as videos, infographics, and photographs.

LinkedIn allows you to include projects on your LinkedIn profile and this can include a URL for a full case study, as well as text summary of it. No matter your industry, there’s a good chance you can make use of a case study and in this article we’re going to look at how.

What Is A Case Study?

The value of a good case study becomes more obvious once you really understand what they are and how they work.

Typically they take the form of a report about a previous project or client that you worked with. For example, if you worked in marketing, then you might have a case study about a greeting card company you worked for and how you managed to increase their visibility and sales.

In the report, you explain who the client was, the service they required, what you did for them, and details of your success. There’s no easier way to capture new clients or impress hiring managers than to show them evidence of how you work.

Check out some examples of case studies made by LinkedIn to promote their own marketing solutions. Each case study clearly outlines the brand, what they needed, and the results.

how to use case studies to boost your linkedin profile

Why Case Studies Are So Powerful

Case studies work so well because they help anchor the reader and provide a concrete level of credibility. You’re framing your services or work as part of a story and you’re giving them lots of reasons to say, ‘yes’ to you.

Beyond that, case studies also give a good sense of your personality or brand and work as a simple way to show off your previous successes. When it comes to LinkedIn, it can be an effective way to impress people during your job hunt since they can tell if your values line up with theirs.

Case studies work for nearly all industries and will benefit individuals as well as companies. Typically, case studies are used for companies that provide services which might be involved or abstract, such as a marketing campaign, but they will work equally in industries ranging from construction to academia.

With a case study, you automatically answer the questions, “what is it like working with this person?” and, “what value can they offer me?”

Creating A Case Study For Your LinkedIn Profile

On your LinkedIn profile, you have the option of adding a project to your profile and you can make this a prominent feature. You can include a title, around 400 words of text, and a link to your case study.

This gives you the option of creating a mini case study for your profile and you can link to a longer one that is hosted on a different website.

For the mini case study you can use a format such as this:

  • First paragraph: an outline of your client or the project at hand
  • Second paragraph: the challenge that you needed to overcome in this specific situation
  • Third paragraph: the solution you used including details of your methods
  • Fourth paragraph: an overview of your results

Even if you’re not sure whether a case study will be read by clients or employers – it’s incredibly helpful to work through your process and to have a story of your success to hand.

Try to get a survey or some feedback from your client to determine how successful your project was and if that’s not possible, then include some measure of how quickly and efficiently you worked.

how to use case studies to boost your linkedin profile

Conclusion: How To Use Case Studies To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

A case study can be the perfect addition to your LinkedIn profile and it has uses as a marketing tool or you can refer to it at an interview later on. Take your time to create something which is thoughtful and persuasive, but make sure to have permission to include any information about your client online.

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