How To Use Rich Media To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

how to use rich media to boost your linkedin profile

How To Use Rich Media To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

One of LinkedIn’s most underused features is the ability to embed and link content directly on your profile page. This means you can have videos, pdfs, websites, and images displayed on your profile alongside a feature image.

In marketing and advertising, this type of content is often called ‘rich media’ and it has its own name because of how much this type of content drives user engagement. Some studies have found that rich media can be more 200% more effective at increasing engagement than plain text. 

The results of including rich media on your profile can be dramatic, yet most people choose not to use it – even when it’s an option for them. In this post, we’ll look at your rich media options and how to make the most of them for LinkedIn.

how to use rich media to boost your linkedin profile

What Is Rich Media?

‘Rich media’ has become a term that is used for a wide-variety of content but for sites like LinkedIn, it’s content such as videos, images, PowerPoint presentations, podcasts, and documents that are embedded on a profile. This means a user could scroll through a PDF, bring up an image, or watch a video directly on LinkedIn.

As well as being able to include rich media in posts and updates, you can also include it in various sections of your LinkedIn profile such as the summary, experience, and education sections. This media will be featured heavily on your profile and will automatically create a featured image and headline for your page.

Not all media types are supported. You are limited to embedding YouTube videos, SoundCloud links, .jpgs, .gifs, SlideShare presentations, PDFS, Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents. However, if you want to link to an app you designed, an article you wrote, or a website you made, then there will still be a feature image and a link available to users so it’s worth including a link.

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What Can Rich Media Do?

The obvious answer to this, is that you can easily showcase some of your work and previous experience for potential employers or colleagues that you want to impress. Rich media will get people to stay on your profile longer and it is a good way to increase engagement generally.   

Equally important, however, is the fact that having rich media on your profile gives it an extra level of authority. You may only ever get ten listeners to your podcast on economics but you’re still a person with a podcast on economics and that says something.

The same is true for published articles, important presentations, eBooks, and instructional videos: they give your profile an extra level of credibility and users don’t have to take your word for the claims you make.

Even if nobody clicks on the link – you are still benefiting from the credibility and texture it adds to your profile.

Finding Rich Media For Your LinkedIn Profile

For some people, finding rich media for their profile is simple as they have a host of videos and publications that they can use. Others struggle, however, as they don’t naturally build up suitable material in their career.

While it’s a good idea to start making videos, publications, or podcasts to increase your industry profile – there may already be some possibilities that you can use on your profile. Here we’ll look at some of the options available to most people:

  • Promotional videos or adverts created by your company (check your company’s website or YouTube channel for examples)
  • Recordings of conferences where you made a presentation (check their website or social media pages)
  • Posts you made for blogs, websites, magazines, or other publications that you can link to
  • White papers or reports that you authored and can be made available for public consumption via PDF
  • Abstracts for publications you authored or co-authored for a journal or book
  • An eBook (or excerpt from one) that you or your business authored
  • Adverts or instructional videos for products or services you have been involved with
  • A link to your personal website or other online content you are involved with (use a page with a good feature image)
  • Images of key achievements in your career such as accepting an award
  • Articles about you or key achievements at your company

how to use rich media to boost your linkedin profile

Conclusion: How To Use Rich Media To Boost Your LinkedIn Profile

It’s possible that you can find rich media for your LinkedIn profile in just a matter of minutes and you will be taking your profile to new heights of sophistication and credibility. This is the place to show off your achievements and nothing grounds your experiences more than seeing visual proof of them happening. 

Don’t be afraid of including rich media in your profile but always make sure you have permission to share any documents – even if you are the author.

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