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Is LinkedIn Worth It?


Is LinkedIn Worth It? 

If you invested lots of your time into every marketing and social media avenue out there, then self-promotion would quickly become your full-time job. You need to choose your platform carefully and make sure it works for you.  

With nearly 500 million users, LinkedIn is the largest platform for professionals, but is it worth your time? Getting the most out of it requires more than just filling in your profile and you should always have a strong sense of what your return on investment will be.

In this post, we’ll look at just how much LinkedIn can offer for your personal branding and career building prospects to help you shape up your LinkedIn strategy.

What Can LinkedIn Offer?

Networking, recruiting, job hunting, direct marketing and many other businesses processes have moved online. It was only a matter of time before a website such as LinkedIn came along to act as a hub for professionals to navigate them all.  

One of the mistakes many people make is not seeing the true scope of LinkedIn – especially since it doesn’t always get the same amount of press as platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. It’s not just a website for hosting your CV or resume: it’s an entirely new mode of engaging with other professionals.

It’s a place that allows you to establish a serious personal brand, it gives you the ability to communication with influencers and recruiters, and it allows you to shape yourself as a thought leader with videos, articles, and updates.

LinkedIn For Businesses: Is LinkedIn Worth It?

Perhaps the biggest strength of LinkedIn is how it allows bridge gaps between online users.

Previously if a business wanted a presence online they would need their own website and they always acted as a faceless monolith. If you wanted to interact with them, then it would always be indirectly via job postings or their few designated public communicators.

If they wanted to interact with you, then it would be even more difficult. You would need to visit their website or be attached to a mailing list.

With LinkedIn, you can talk to team members directly and businesses can push their marketing efforts to a platform people are always on and to a self-selecting audience who wants to see it.

In short, what LinkedIn offers is an accessible marketing platform for professionals at every level and a set of tools that allows you to streamline many of the businesses processes you need to do online. If you’d like to find out more about how to best utilise LinkedIn for your company then click here.