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7 Biggest Mistakes Companies Make With Their LinkedIn Company Pages

The official LinkedIn metrics will make your jaw drop: In the About section of their website, the company announced that it is the world’s largest professional network with more than 467 million members in more than 200 countries and territories, with new users signing up to join at a rate of more than two new members per second.

You would have to be extremely shortsighted to not see the potential LinkedIn can bring to your company. But even if you are aware of the plentiful benefits, this still doesn’t mean you are using the network right. And that’s because you need to be following LinkedIn company page optimisation best practices.

To avoid any faux pas that can seriously tarnish the professional reputation of your company, keep in mind the following:

1. Wrong Or Missing Photo

There is nothing like a missing, out-of date, or (heaven forbid) misleading/wrong cover photo of your brand to make you look insipid, bland, or simply like a big joke. Your visual identity stretches from the building signs and ad billboards all the way to the office stationery to social media profiles.

It’s important to get each of these elements right, because even one wrong turn can make you look unprofessional and inconsistent. It’s really one of those fundamentals for LinkedIn company page optimisation you must get right.

“Instead of a stock image or a poorly-cropped photo of your team, have your creative department craft an image that showcases your company’s personality and goals. Something as simple as a high-quality header graphic establishes your credibility as a link-worthy company”, suggests Michelle Campbell from the digital advertising agency Potratz.

2. No Posting / Posting Infrequently / Over-Posting

In the often confounding realms of social media, it can be tough to get a sense of posting balance. How many updates are too many? Or, in the fear of bothering your audience, are you being too silent?

Short of a hard-set rule, due to the fact the frequency of posting will differ from company to company (that is, their size, industry, and their target audience), there is one general rule of thumb. That is, put yourself in the shoes of your followers and ask yourself: “Is this something I would be interested in hearing about?”

Dip your toes into it and start sharing links to your blog posts, uploading your press releases and other company updates; whatever you feel might be of interest. Monitoring the user interaction on these will give you a much better understanding of your target audience.

3. Newsjacking

Newsjacking is the practice of leveraging trending, current topics and using them to spread your brand’s agenda or mission. While there are some instances in which it can work, it can also be a very slippery slope to place your entire business name on. If you want to follow best practices for LinkedIn company page optimisation then avoid too much newsjacking.

7 biggest mistakes people make with company pages on LinkedIn


“Exercise caution before inserting yourself into the conversation. Without evaluating the implications, your company risks looking insensitive or ignorant, which can [harm] your reputation”, advises Stacey Miller, social media manager at cloud marketing provider Vocus.

4. Not Interacting With Other Users / Participating In Groups

The very point of a social media network is the ability to network and connect, and that’s why you should always keep in mind you are speaking with your audience, not to it. Besides, no other network has such real-life potential ramifications as LinkedIn, so make the most of it!

Participating in LinkedIn discussion groups and interacting with other users can massively boost your credibility. Additionally, it will also help you potentially land new clients because they’ll see you as an expert. Chime into the conversation and let everyone see what your company is about.

5. Not Encouraging Your Employees To Interact With The Company’s Page

Just like every other aspect of building a successful company, your company page is also a team effort. The page will be much livelier and more engaging as more employees pitch in.

The general management and content creation of the page should be in charge of one or two persons at the most. However, the employees will add a spring to the social media step by sharing, liking, and just spreading the word about what a great and busy company they work for! The exponential exposure your brand will get, without so much as a nickel spent, is incredible.

6. Promoting Your Profile Before It’s Complete

Don’t jump the LinkedIn gun! Brushing up or refreshing all the details of your company’s LinkedIn page can be tiring, especially when you have a lot of other things on your plate.

However, you should resist the temptation of promoting your page especially if it’s only half-complete or out of date.

7 biggest mistakes people make with their LinkedIn company pages


7. Keep Track Of The Metrics

LinkedIn has an excellent user interaction tracking system you can use to see exactly which posts are driving the most engagement among the audience. The network allows you not only an insight into impressions, clicks, and engagements for any post, but into user demographics as well – and any apt entrepreneur knows how valuable that data is.

What’s more, you also can monitor your official site’s metrics and determine how many visitors have been diverted there from LinkedIn, as well as establishing how, and for how long, are they using your website. Use this data to tweak your social media marketing and communications policies if need be.

Final Words: LinkedIn Company Page Optimisation

There you have it!

Best practices for LinkedIn company page optimisation and big mistakes you must avoid making. Using this blog post, you’ll be able to correct any mistakes you’re making and improve your LinkedIn marketing efforts.

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