How to create an effective linkedin marketing strategy

How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

How To Create An Effective LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

LinkedIn is the social platform for business professionals and leaders. With more than 467 million global users, it’d be a remiss for any business to ignore utilising LinkedIn as part of the company’s marketing strategy.

But, how can you utilise LinkedIn effectively as part of your company’s marketing strategy?

In this blog post, we’re going to explain some crucial pointers to get you moving in the right direction.

1. Get Clear On Who Your Target Market Is

Before you do anything on LinkedIn, you must first determine who your ideal clients are. To get started, you need to create a detailed ideal client or customer avatar that explains who you want to target on LinkedIn.

Key areas to focus on are demographics and psychographics. We think this article by Digital Marketer does a great job of explaining how to create the perfect ideal client avatar.

2. Map Out Your Customer Journey

This is a detailed and complex stage where you map out all the steps required for a target client to go from being cold, to a lead, to a new client. So on LinkedIn, it may look something like this:

  • Add target clients as connections
  • Send them a thanks for connecting message and ask them if they’d like to have a consultation call
  • Conduct the consultation call
  • Follow up

You need to create a visual process so it’s clear for you and anyone else what the customer journey entails. This visual process depicts how you’re going to take someone from not having heard of you to becoming your new paying client.

There are 467 million global users on LinkedIn and 106 million active users.

3. Determine Your Value Offer

You need to work out what your value offer will be. Will it be an SEO audit? A website audit? Will it be creating a financial growth plan for a company? Could it be a business assessment? Or a free LinkedIn Profile Analysis?

Whatever it is, your offer needs to be specific to your target market and address the big problems that they experience. If you do this, then you’ll get a greater response to your offer when it comes time to promote it.

4. Optimise Your Company Page

Once you’ve determined your ideal clients and worked out a value offer, it’s time to start generating some leads!

The first place we recommend you start with is your company page. Your company page is not there just to show off your company – it’s there to generate leads. Here are a few key considerations for optimising a company page for lead generation:

  • Use a branded cover background image that promotes your offer
  • Create an enticing company description that speaks to your target clients
  • Put in a link to your website

5. Optimise Your LinkedIn Profile

If you’re going to be using LinkedIn as part of your company’s marketing strategy, then you can be sure your target clients will be viewing your profile regularly. This means your profile needs to be well-optimised and designed to not just make a great first impression, but to also generate interest and leads.

This is a long topic but it needs to cover all elements of your profile from the cover background image you use, your profile picture, headline, summary, experience sections, and more.

If you don’t know what areas of your LinkedIn profile need to be optimised then be sure to claim your free LinkedIn Profile Analysis.

6. Direct Outreach

If you want leads fast then there is no more effective way than direct outreach. This means adding your target clients as connections and then pitching them on your value offer. To do this, you’ll need to use Advanced Search to locate your ideal clients first.

This is why the first point we mentioned, about getting clear on who your ideal clients are, is so important – because you’ll use much of that information in your ideal client avatar when conducting your Advanced Search for business leads.

Here is the process to follow when applying a direct outreach approach:

  • Add your target clients as connections
  • Send them a thanks for connecting message + pitch on your value offer
  • Follow up with everyone that doesn’t respond to the first message

This is an aggressive strategy but it works to get fast leads and new clients in the door within the next 30 days, if applied consistently.

7. Start A Group

LinkedIn groups have long been a crucial way to get a ton of leads and new clients. As Mirna Bacun writes for The Foundation, she was able to use her LinkedIn group to grow her entire business, generating 10,000 leads and $50k in recurring revenue for her nutrition company.

My LinkedIn Group allowed me to grow my connection base from 1,000 to almost 10,000 connections.

By starting a group, you automatically position yourself as an authority and expert in your industry amongst others. The key is to make sure you’re regularly inviting people to join and consistently posting content in the group for this strategy to be effective.

8. Publishing Content

LinkedIn’s publishing platform, LinkedIn Pulse, is proving to be very effective for many businesses and entrepreneurs. Publishing on LinkedIn Pulse potentially puts your article in front of millions of business professionals globally. It’s a great way to get more views for your content, your profile, company page, and to drive more visitors to your website for lead generation purposes.

Make sure that you publish content regularly to reap the rewards of LinkedIn Pulse rather than once in a blue moon.

Final Words On Creating A LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, far greater than any other social network. The key to generating leads lies in having an effective marketing strategy to begin with and this blog post will help you get moving in the right direction.

If you’d like more assistance with creating an effective LinkedIn marketing strategy then be sure to get a free LinkedIn Profile Analysis.