FREE webinar reveals 7 steps to creating a LinkedIn profile that grows your business on autopilot

18th December, 2016. Starts 3pm GMT.

If you’re currently on LinkedIn and would like to turn your profile into an ‘asset’ that grows your business on the social network for professionals, corporations, millionaires and CEO’s then you need to watch this webinar!

More 1 in 3 professionals registered as users on LinkedIn and 450 million users globally. This means there is an abundance of opportunities for business owners to use LinkedIn to gain exposure and grow.

However, most people on LinkedIn have a couple of big obstacles preventing them from doing this:

They have a sub-standard profile and many are making critical mistakes they don’t even realise

Even if they wanted to use their profile to gain more exposure and growth for their businesses, they have zero idea where to even begin

If that sounds like then that is exactly why you need to see this webinar.

In this free webinar you’ll discover:

  • The single biggest mistake almost everyone on LinkedIn makes that is turning people off you as soon as they see your profile
  • How to use case studies, ebooks, reports and more to demonstrate instant authority and credibility to your peers and prospects
  • The number one reason why most people, even industry thought leaders don’t have a good looking LinkedIn profile
  • How to use your profile as a tool for driving traffic back to your website
  • Why a half completed profile is making you look unprofessional and causing people to click off your profile
  • How to use your profile to generate leads for your product or service on autopilot
  • How to write a Summary section that leaves visitors drooling wanting to know more about you after they finish reading it
  • The little trick you can use in your title area to get a massive overnight boost in exposure to your profile
  • How to construct every piece of your profile so that it positions you as a thought leader in your industry even if you have little experience or results
  • Why developing a well-thought out strategy is absolutely crucial if you’re going to use your profile to grow your business
  • The one thing everyone misses on LinkedIn that costs them opportunities for consult calls, meetings, and more

This is an action-packed webinar that will give you tips and tricks you can implement as soon as you finish watching. It’s not going to be one of those webinars with a 20 minute long introduction and then a 20 minute pitch fest.

This will be real content that you can take and implement immediately to start seeing better results from LinkedIn marketing efforts.

Due to time and seating constraints, it’s strictly limited to the first 100 registrants. So act now and secure your spot or miss out completely!