Does Your LinkedIn Profile Make The Kind Of Impression That Is Likely To Get You More Exposure, Job Opportunities, And Even More Leads and Sales… Perhaps Not?

Over 450 million people have a LinkedIn account.

That’s 20 million here in the UK, which represents the vast majority of working professionals. However, for many of them, their profiles simply do not do themselves or the company they represent any justice.

Because most people are creating a terrible impression of themselves
and their company, and the worst part is they don’t even realise it.

To prove it to you, take a look at the following visual. This is the LinkedIn Profile of the CEO of one of the largest marketing companies in the world.

He has no personalised URL, his background image showcasing the logos is hidden behind his details, the photograph isn’t welcoming, there are no Calls To Action, no descriptions for his role, no rich media showcasing the achievements so it’s only appealing to one subset of people.

You may be thinking that this is a one-off or something but let us tell you, it’s not.
It happens far more than you imagine. And Sir Martin Sorrell is one of those we are looking to help.

The irony in all of this is that you have people spending all this money on haircuts, tailored suits, stylish offices and expensive advertising campaigns all in the name of building trust and confidence in their company.

Yet, these same people have a LinkedIn profile that looks like the equivalent of coming to work wearing a scruffy scuffed suit with holes in the shoes, using a laptop the size of a car bonnet and sitting on a park bench to work. And it’s not even a nice park.

When you’ve got companies that are spending thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions of pounds on fancy marketing, yet their employees have disastrous looking LinkedIn profiles, you know that someone didn’t know what to do with the memo.

You can only imagine what kind of negative impression that this creates for both employees and companies.

Why Should I Care About My LinkedIn Profile?

You should care because companies are now using LinkedIn to check up on people they’re dealing with. If you’re negotiating a contract that could make your company a lot of money then you can be sure the other party is looking at your LinkedIn profile

And if your profile makes a bad impression then you can be sure that they’re going to be feeling uneasy and even skeptical about continuing any kind of relationship with you.

The facts are this is literally killing businesses on LinkedIn and costing so many opportunities.

What we’re going do to right now is give you a chance to find out if your profile is costing you sales and opportunities on LinkedIn for free with our proven LinkedIn Profile Analysis system.

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How does it work?

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  • A proven rating system developed over two years that has been used with FTSE 100 companies and professionals worldwide to rate your profile’s effectiveness.

After this call, you’ll have everything you need to roll your sleeves up, move forward when creating a LinkedIn profile that makes a great and lasting impression, and gets you better results.

Why Is This For Free?

  • 1 We know that for many of you, you probably don’t even realise you’re making a bad impression with your profile so this gives us a chance to show you the kind of value that’s in this service… 100% risk free on your part.
  • 2 We know that some of you are going to be so thrilled with the results of this analysis and some of you want have the time to roll your sleeves up, that you’ll want to pay us to create and optimise your profile for you or even purchase a training day package.

If you’d like to get specific recommendations for improving your profile from one of the UK’s leading teams on LinkedIn marketing for FREE then click below to book your LinkedIn Profile Analysis.


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