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6 Ways To Use LinkedIn As Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

6 Ways To Use LinkedIn As Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

When it comes to marketing your business, LinkedIn provides a unique opportunity for your social media marketing strategy.

It’s built to accommodate business accounts and its features are designed to help you connect with a self-selecting audience of professionals. The user base not only expects corporations to be using LinkedIn – it’s one of the main attractions.

From a marketing perspective, it’s also a strong platform. There is already an enormous user base, everything can be done on-site, your page can be made to rank well on search engines, and it can directly host content for you.

In this post, we’re going to look at six key ways to integrate LinkedIn into your social media marketing strategy and how it can help boost your efforts.

1. Generating Leads

Generating leads with LinkedIn couldn’t be any easier. Potential leads list all of their information in their profile and do their best to make it searchable.

Growing your company’s network by posting content, joining groups, and interacting with others will lead to natural leads. You can also follow other company’s and influencers to see new leads come up on your feed.

Searching is the other big method of finding leads. The built-in search engine allows you to look up users and employees listed under various organisations. You can narrow your focus with the advanced search options and categorise users by industry, location, and title.

LinkedIn supports Boolean searches so you can refine your results even further. You can eliminate unnecessary search terms (for example, programming -Java), look up exact phrases in a specific order (for example, “Taylor James”), or combine search terms so they aren’t viewed separately (for example, software+marketing).

6 ways to use linkedin as part of your social media marketing strategy

2. Increasing Brand Awareness

LinkedIn provides several opportunities to get your company’s branding seen on the platform. Some of these include:

  • Using logos in profile pictures and in banners
  • Embedding rich media such as videos and images in profile summaries
  • Posting updates with featured images or videos
  • Having your profile’s tagline displayed in search engines and on comments
  • Using recent photos and images on your company page
  • Promoting long-form blog posts about your organisation
  • Creating branded pages for affiliate companies

Once all of your branding is incorporated, you will be increasing awareness of it every time you post an update, reply to a comment, or interact with a group.

6 ways to use linkedin as part of your social media marketing strategy

3. Build Up Authority For Your Organisation

Being seen as a leader in the industry or as a good organisation to work with has enormous value, and LinkedIn has several tools to help you with this.

The most notable ones are recommendations and endorsements. Even the biggest influencers on LinkedIn can benefit from these.

An endorsement allows another user to vouch for a skill you list on your profile. The endorsement looks good on its own, but more importantly, it operates like a heightened keyword that allows your profile to become more associated with that skill.

An endorsement also works as a form of social currency. Offering an endorsement for a client or colleague is simple, but it will be greatly appreciated.

Recommendations speak for themselves. It is good press for your organisation and being featured as a recommendation on another profile is additional promotion for your brand. Make sure to create high-quality recommendations for others so they will do the same in return.

6 ways to use linkedin as part of your social media marketing strategy

4. Use Case Studies

LinkedIn allows you to include projects on your profile under ‘accomplishments’ and it provides the perfect place to show off a case study. You can either present the text on your profile or link to another document.

In business marketing terms, a case study is a piece of advertising that tells the story of how your organisation previously achieved an important task. It might be how you launched a client to new heights, how you revolutionised a system, or how a customer made the most of your software.

It discusses what the problem was, what your organisation’s approach is, and how you managed to be successful.

In essence, it’s a detailed and well-written business pitch which demonstrates your value in an easy-to-digest format. You can learn more about case studies here.

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5. Increase Personal Engagement

One thing the LinkedIn platform offers is the ability to engage directly with potential leads, customers, and clients.

This can come from commenting on other posts, offering advice or customer support, sharing high-quality content, and providing value to other users with recommendations and job opportunities.

You can emphasise this further by creating unique introductory messages when you connect with someone or creating custom offers for new customers only on LinkedIn.

6. Make Use Of Referrals

Referrals from trusted colleagues and friends are a fantastic way to secure top talent and to potentially save money when hiring or recruiting.

LinkedIn makes this even easier with its LinkedIn Referral service. Employees can search through open positions, see which of their connections would be well suited, and then invite their connections to apply.

This makes the referral process very easy and it’s simple to share open positions with lots of people at once. If you incentivise making good referrals, then this can be a truly valuable marketing tool.

Conclusion: Using LinkedIn As Part Of Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

This list just covers some of the main features LinkedIn has that can be readily adapted to your social media marketing strategy. There are always new ones coming out and different ways to increase brand awareness and find strong leads for the future.

With LinkedIn’s growth continuing and the workforce becoming ever more comfortable with using social media, it’s crucial to make sure you are ready to take advantage of what it has to offer.  

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