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How A LinkedIn Training Day With Gett Results Can Help You Grow Your Business

How A LinkedIn Training Day With Gett Results Can Help You Grow Your Business

Do you ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels on LinkedIn struggling to get the results you’d like?

There is no shame in admitting it. Most professionals on LinkedIn struggle to use the platform effectively. This is a real shame given that there are around 467 million professionals globally with a LinkedIn account. Research shows that 80% of all leads via social media come from LinkedIn, smashing all the other major social media networks combined.

So if you’re not using LinkedIn effectively to generate awareness, exposure and growth for your company, then you’re missing out on a unique opportunity to grow your company.

In this blog post, we’re explaining why you should invest in a LinkedIn training day with Gett Results.

1. 100% Customised One-On-One Or Group Training

With one of our LinkedIn training days, you get 100% customised and highly personalised support and training from a proven LinkedIn Growth Consultant.

We will look at every single area of your business leaving no stone unturned. We will spot every mistake and every area for improvement in a highly personalised training environment. It’s a level of personalised service you simply can’t get in an online training, PDF report, ebook, or anywhere else.

80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn making it more effective than any other social platform.


2. Get All Your Questions Answered On The Spot

Have you ever done an online program or course only to have questions once the program or class is done? And the worst thing being that you either need to ask those questions to some random support person of that company OR in a Facebook group?

With a LinkedIn training day, you won’t have this problem because any questions you have will be answered right then and there on that day. This means you won’t be leaving the training with the feeling that you didn’t really understand everything or don’t know how to apply everything you just learnt. Your employees as well, can leave the training day with the confidence to implement what they’ve learnt immediately and start seeing results quickly.

3. Covers A Range Of Topics

We have three LinkedIn training day packages that cover specific areas of LinkedIn so you can choose exactly which one you need based on your own requirements and needs.

Our three current LinkedIn training day packages:

  • Gett Noticed LinkedIn Training Day – This training day is all about showing your employees how to use LinkedIn to generate more exposure and brand awareness for your company.
  • Gett Connected LinkedIn Training Day – This training day will show your employees how to optimise and create LinkedIn profiles that grow their networks and get more connections on autopilot.
  • Gett Growth LinkedIn Training Day – This training day will show your employees how they can use LinkedIn to generate leads and use their LinkedIn profiles or company page as a vital bridge for lead generation.

4. Get Your Employees Trained Fast

There is no faster way to get your employees highly trained and skilled in LinkedIn marketing than through what is possible with a customised training day with us.

By the conclusion of the training day, you will have dozens of your employees highly skilled and trained in specific areas of LinkedIn marketing. This kind of speed is only possible with personalised training. Compare this to say learning via blog posts, webinars, etc. It can take weeks or even months to really understand what is required to get results.

5. Achieve Company Goals Faster

No matter your company’s objectives, a personalised LinkedIn training day will equip your team with the skills and expertise needed to achieve those goals much quicker than any other mode of training. For example, you may have the goal to generate 15 sales appointments per month using LinkedIn. We can create a customised road map that explains step by step how to get there.

6. Improve Productivity

If your employees are highly skilled in LinkedIn marketing and have clearly defined objectives to work toward each month, then you can be sure that they’ll be highly productive. If your team is more productive, then your company will grow its revenue and reach your sales and lead generation KPI’s quicker.

Building your first degree connections will allow you to get found easier on LinkedIn


7. Personal Development & Growth

Investing in training days for your staff is an investment in their personal development and growth. People, especially millennials, want to feel like they’re working in a role that contributes to their personal growth and provides a degree of fulfilment.

Training days are a great way to demonstrate to your staff that you’re serious about investing in them and having them stick around as key members of your company’s medium to long-term growth plans.


A LinkedIn training day with Gett Results has the power to dramatically maximise results from your company’s LinkedIn marketing efforts. Let us help you get there faster and see the power that lies in using LinkedIn effectively.

Get in touch for a free Strategy Call about how we can help you achieve your business growth goals with a customised Gett Results LinkedIn Training Day.