Get an ‘MBA Level Education’ from the UK’s leading authority on LinkedIn marketing in just one single day of live training…

What would you say if we told you that we could massively reduce your learning curve with LinkedIn as a lead generation and marketing tool?

That you can turn your LinkedIn profile into an asset that grows your business on autopilot while simultaneously increasing brand awareness?

Or that we could give you everything you need to get more exposure, awareness, grow your network, and your profits in a single day?

We’re here to tell you that it’s 100% possible.

By far the fastest way to learn anything in any field is by getting hands on training by those that have already mastered the very thing you want to master.

And unless you have mastered LinkedIn marketing we bet that you’re often stumbling around on LinkedIn sending connection requests with no real thought behind it. Joining groups and commenting on them with no real understanding as to why you’re doing it.

That you’re looking at your LinkedIn profile daily knowing it could be a massive asset of growth for you but with absolutely no idea how to get the results you want.

Then you hear these stories about people who are consistently generating leads on LinkedIn and you’re left feeling a little amazed at how they’re able to do it.

However, it’s not your fault…

No one has ever showed you how to do this stuff the right way. It would be like trying to get someone to build a house who has never even laid a brick in their life.

Obviously, they’re not going to know what to do because no one ever showed them. It’s the same with your LinkedIn profile and overall LinkedIn marketing strategy.

That’s what makes this training so special because you’ll get step-by-step walkthroughs in real time by someone who has already done this stuff and knows it like the back of his hand.

Introducing ‘Unlock The LinkedIn Marketing Jigsaw’ Training Day

In one single day of training you’ll get hands on guidance and mentoring from the UK’s leading authority on LinkedIn marketing, who is also a Certified LinkedIn Trainer, INSERT NAME

INSERT NAME has over (insert years of experience) plus he has also analysed thousands of profiles he has seen literally everything there is to see on LinkedIn. Besides this, he also developed a specific methodology and process that is proven to get results and is based off an objective scoring system he created.

INSRT NAME realised that there is not really any single training day on the market today that trains people in all the fundamentals and advanced aspects of LinkedIn. Therefore, people make mistakes with LinkedIn and become frustrated by the whole experience.

He experienced this for himself when he first got started using LinkedIn.

He was stumbling around with no idea what he was doing. He wanted better results but didn’t really know where to begin. However, he persisted with it and after years of trial and error figured the entire LinkedIn thing out.

And unless you get expert help, it will probably also take you years of trial and error to figure the LinkedIn marketing jigsaw out.

What The Training Covers Specifically

The training day itself is broken down into three parts covering core principles from our GETT Noticed, GETT Growth, and GETT Results product lines.

The first part of the day will cover key fundamentals from GETT Noticed. This is followed by core fundamentals from the GETT Growth and finally GETT Results programs.

  • 1 GETT Noticed Phase Of The Training

Here is what you stand to get after completing the GETT Noticed phase of the live training:

  • A proven scoring and rating system called a ‘GETT Score’ we use to assess every LinkedIn profile that will tell you where you need to make improvements
  • The ‘silly mistake’ 98% of people, even industry thought leaders, on LinkedIn are making with their profiles that cost you opportunities
  • How to create instant authority and credibility to peers in your industry and for your target audience even if you have little experience or results
  • How to create consistent branding across your entire company by making a few simple changes to your company page and that of your employees
  • How to optimise your profile or company page so it instantly gets more exposure
  • Clear instruction on getting clear on your company Mission Statement and attracting your target audience
  • Clarity on what your core strengths and skills are, and how to present them convincingly on your profile

After completing the GETT Noticed phase of the training day you’ll have all the fundamentals and skills to use LinkedIn properly to get more notice and exposure to your profile.

  • 2 The GETT Growth Phase Of The Training

The GETT Growth phase of the training day will equip you with the skills and tools you need to get more growth for your company on LinkedIn. Here is just some of what you’ll learn:

  • A simple way to find your exact target audience on LinkedIn and get them back to your profile or company page
  • How to use advanced search to get more accuracy and precision with your searches
  • How to pick the right groups to join and then how to use them to position yourself as an authority and get more leads for your company
  • How to create posts and updates, and use these as positioning assets
  • How to properly approach people in your industry for a connection request with etiquette
  • Secrets about LinkedIn that they don’t want you to know for growing your company

Once you and your company have completed this phase of the training they’ll have the skills, tools, and confidence to grow the company on LinkedIn with a strategy behind everything they do.

  • 3 The GETT Results Phase Of The Training

The GETT Results phase of the training is designed to do one thing – equip you with everything you need to get more leads and sales on LinkedIn. In the training you’ll discover:

  • How to form a marketing and sales strategy using LinkedIn
  • How to make LinkedIn a vital bridge for your company’s marketing and sales department
  • How to generate leads on your profile page and company page on autopilot
  • How to drive traffic back to your website reliably and consistently
  • A ‘Resource Matrix’ that tells you what resources you have available and what the best path is to take
  • A ‘Lead Matrix’ that saves you a tonne of time and effort by telling you how much energy you should put into a lead and where they are in the buying cycle
  • You’ll know the types of messaging you should engage in plus get tips on creating a GETT Referrals email
  • How to outline and develop a sales funnel using LinkedIn

After completing this phase of the training you’ll know exactly what you need to do to start getting more leads and sales via LinkedIn, often on autopilot.

This Is A World Class Training Day That Will Give You Massive Growth And Results On LinkedIn

We can’t make it any easier for you to get incredible results on LinkedIn.

You won’t find a training like this anywhere else and if you do, we can almost guarantee they don’t have the experience or skills that we’ve developed working specifically on LinkedIn marketing.

LinkedIn marketing is what we specialise in.

And we have helped FTSE 100 companies, CEO’s, marketing departments within SME’s, and even business owners get incredible results with LinkedIn.


“It was great to work with Gett Results and was well worth the investment. It was informative and has made a difference to me, enabling me to have more direction. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gett Results and all of their LinkedIn services.”

– Chris Fairhurst – Principal Lawyer | Family Law

“I recently met Gett Results and their team are cheery, friendly – and very helpful. They went through and analysed my Linkedin profile with me, showing me how to improve it. They also took professional head shots of me to enhance my profile and I’ve now used this photo for both my Linkedin and Google accounts. Thanks to Gett Results, I now have a Linkedin profile that stands out from the crowd.”

– Dianne Taylor

“My LinkedIn Profile Analysis with Gett Results came along at the perfect time. We had already had talks in-house that we should update our LinkedIn presence. Through the team I got some brilliant advice, tips, and some great quick fixes. I would highly recommend Gett Results. We are now looking at working with Gett Results as part of an ongoing strategy.”

– Gemma Campion – CE Media

Maybe You Think You Don’t Need This And Can Do It On Your Own

Maybe you can but the real question is…

Can you spend two years of trial and error to get to that point?

Because we did spend more than two years and looking at thousands of profiles to get to this point. It took us too many hours to count to develop the system and methodology that we use to get our clients such incredible results consistently.

The facts are you probably can’t do that and count on trial and error to get this right. Your marketing and sales department needs more leads and sales now to grow.

The beauty with what we teach in this training day is that once you have the knowledge and expertise, you have it FOREVER.

And that means you can start implementing literally the day after the training finishes and start seeing results very quickly.

Perhaps the best part in all of this is that it allows you to add LinkedIn to your monthly lead generation and marketing strategy without you adding thousands of dollars to your marketing budget.

I Want To Train My Company – What’s The Cost?

The price for this training is (insert price.)

You may think that’s expensive but this is nothing when you consider that your getting a LIFETIME worth of value with this. As we said earlier, once you’ve learned this stuff, you can use it for as long as LinkedIn exists.

However, this training is really only suitable for companies with their own marketing and sales department that are looking to ‘unlock the LinkedIn marketing puzzle’ and make it a vital part of their monthly lead generation and marketing efforts.

It shouldn’t be used as a standalone option but rather an integrated one for best results.

So unless your company is already spending X amount of dollars and time into lead generation and marketing, it just won’t be worth it.

Now is the time to make a choice.

You either want in or you don’t.

Click below to schedule a call with our Certified LinkedIn Trainer INSERT NAME and find out when we can get your team trained for massive results using LinkedIn.