How To Make Maximum Impact With LinkedIn’s Native Video Feature

how to make maximum impact with linkedins native video feature

How To Make Maximum Impact With LinkedIns Native Video Feature

LinkedIn has just recently (as of August 2017) rolled out its new native video feature to all global users after an initial test period. People are raving about what this means for the platform and for users. It’s clear from this move that LinkedIn is actively looking to increase engagement amongst users on the platform and add another string to its bow.

With that being said, businesses need to be prepared to make maximum impact with LinkedIns native video feature especially before everyone else catches on.

Why You Should Use LinkedIn Native Video

According to some recent research released by WordStream, 59% of executives stated that if text and video are both available on the same topic that they’re likely to choose video so the proof is in the pudding that video is a powerful way to engage with viewers.

Consider some statistics about videos on Facebook as well. Videos on Facebook get shared 10x more than videos on YouTube. If that’s any indication then you can only imagine how powerful LinkedIn videos will be. Furthermore, it has been revealed that LinkedIn will be giving users valuable information about users that view native video content on the platform like the company they work at and their job title.

This is some seriously valuable demographic information that can be used to increase the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on LinkedIn and also campaigns using different advertising channels.

Lastly, in terms of digital trust, LinkedIn comes in at 48% beating every other social platform easily. Without a doubt, using native video on LinkedIn should be a no-brainer now.

Best Ways To Use LinkedIn’s Native Video Feature

As it stands currently, the video feature is only available for personal profiles and not company pages but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use it. Here are the top ways we recommend you use LinkedIn’s native video feature:

1. Intro To Your Company Video

Create a short and concise introduction to your company video that talks about what your business does, who you serve, and key unique selling points of your business. 

2. Video Testimonials

Gather a small collection of individual testimonials to compile into a video. You could even structure the testimonial as a video interview where you talk about about the problems the client experienced before working with you and then the results after working with you.

3. Case Study

Rather than create a case study in text format, why not do so in video? You’ll get far more engagement with the video and make a bigger impact with the case study.

4. Service-Specific Videos

We all know the typical service-specific web pages that talk about a business’ service but video is another option. Again, engagement will be higher and it’s more likely that your message will be heard.

5. Videos Accompanying A Blog Post

The facts are that not everyone wants to read an informative text blog post anymore. Many people just want to digest the content via video, however, you also don’t want to alienate those who prefer text based blog post.

So create a video post to accompany your text written blog post and you can appeal to the best of both worlds.

Final Words: Make A Big Noise With LinkedIns Native Video

LinkedIns native video feature is an exciting addition to the platform and we think every business needs to start utilising it. The feature is still new so you can be sure most people still either aren’t using it at all or if they are then they’re not using it effectively.

If you’d like more help creating high-impact videos for LinkedIn then get in touch with us today.