10 Reasons Why No One Is Looking At Your LinkedIn Profile

10 reasons why no one is looking at your linkedin profile

10 Reasons Why No One Is Looking At Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is a fantastic way of networking and increasing your visibility in the industry you work in, but what if no one is looking?  

Getting viewers for your profile is essential to grow your network size, to entice recruiters, and to boost your LinkedIn search engine ranking. In this post, we’re going to look at 10 of the most significant reasons that LinkedIn profiles get overlooked or ignored.

1. You’re Not Using LinkedIn Enough

LinkedIn is a social media website and it rewards users who spend more time on it. You don’t need to become obsessed with the website but if you haven’t updated your profile or interacted with other users in several months, then your profile will start getting overlooked.

You can’t get ahead on LinkedIn if you intend to just be an observer. Check your profile daily, use it to send messages, and become an active member in groups and on LinkedIn Pulse.

2. You’ve Not Made Your Profile Public Enough

Protecting your privacy is important but if you want to maximise how much you are being seen, then you’ll need to make your profile more public and easier to find.

Under the ‘Account’ tab you’ll find ‘Settings & Privacy’ and here you can make sure that your profile can be found by the public as much as possible. You can also change settings on the ‘Edit Public Profile & URL’ page to make your various profile sections visible to the public.

3. You Have ‘Job Hunting’ Switched Off

LinkedIn comes with an ‘Open Candidate’ option which allows you to show your availability to new work and to include a list of the roles you are looking for and in which locations.

Recruiters and hiring managers have the ability to do deeper searches on LinkedIn and by using ‘Open Candidate’ you give them greater access to your information and increase your visibility.

10 reasons why no one is looking at your linkedin profile

4. You Haven’t Updated Your LinkedIn URL

Each LinkedIn page has its own URL and it’s very easy to change yours. Simply click on ‘view profile’ and then head over to ‘Edit Public Profile & URL’. From here you can personalise your URL to make it your own.

You are limited by character length and you need a unique URL but try to get creative here. Think about what you’d type in if you were looking for someone. Their profession? Their location? Their university? You can include all of these in your URL to make searching you even easier.

10 reasons why no one is looking at your linkedin profile 1

5. You’ve Written Too Much

Usually, the problem on LinkedIn is that people haven’t written enough but writing too much can also be a problem.

There are two main reasons for this. The first is that it can make the experience for recruiters and hiring managers more difficult. Large bodies of dense text are difficult to read and many people are simply skimming your profile for your key selling points.

The second issue is that it can lead to bad habits. You want lean and high-impact prose that is well-laid out. Having too much text is likely to lead to lots of adjectives and needlessly complex words which don’t really tell the reader anything.

You need a balance between conveying the right message and not flooding viewers with information.

6. You’re Not Updating Or Creating Content

Being an active LinkedIn user isn’t just about making comments and adding connections – it also means creating status updates and contributing blogs and articles to LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

Posting not only keeps you visible on your network but you shared content can be viewed beyond your network and may even come up organically via a Google search. Creating content is also vital to increasing the search engine ranking of your LinkedIn profile.

10 reasons why no one is looking at your linkedin profile

7. You’re Not Emphasising Keywords

Keywords are a central part of being found on LinkedIn by recruiters or fellow LinkedIn users and not using them is one of the easiest ways to get overlooked.

Once you’ve found the best keywords to use for your profile, then it’s time to start using them in your summary, headline, work history, projects, job title, and to place them in your top 10 skills. You can emphasise more than one keyword to cover your occupation, skills, and industry.

However, make sure to use keywords naturally on your profile and don’t overstuff any section with them.

8. You Haven’t Used Any Rich Media

Linking to videos, PDFs, images, podcasts, or PowerPoint presentations in the summary and experience sections of your profile can increase how much time users spend on your profile and it will increase your authority in search engines as there are more links to your page.

If you’d like to learn more about making the most of using rich media, then check out our article on using rich media. (ADD LINK TO HOW TO USE RICH MEDIA TO BOOST YOUR PROFILE)

10 reasons why no one is looking at your linkedin profile

9. You Need More Connections

It’s often said that you need money to make money, but you also need friends to make friends – or in this case ‘connections’. The more networks you are a part of as second or third-degree connects, the more you will show up in various searches.

Many industries are not that big and simply adding a few more first-degree connects can multiply the reach of your network by hundreds or even thousands. Take the time to meet new people via LinkedIn and to add all of the relevant connects you already know.

10. Your Profile Isn’t Very Good

There are many ways that your profile might end up not being very ‘good’ but here it means not filling out your profile properly, quickly copy-pasting the content across from your CV, or not putting much effort into your summary or work experience.

Not only will this lower user engagement and your search engine ranking, but you’re also potentially losing out on making new connects or being overlooked by recruiters. Take the time to make an exceptional professional profile or get some help making one.

Conclusion: 10 Reasons Why No One Is Looking At Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn isn’t all about building huge networks or getting seen but doing those things will increase your visibility and will boost your chances of being found by a recruiter or employer. If you’re looking to find a new job with LinkedIn, then take a look at our LinkedIn Job Hunting Bible for an in-depth guide. (LINK TO JOB HUNTING BIBLE)

Try to be thoughtful when creating your profile and use this opportunity to really define who you want to be in your industry.

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