How To Get A Professional LinkedIn Profile Picture That Instantly Creates Trust, Credibility And Creates A Great First Impression

One of the biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn is that they use an unprofessional profile picture that scares people away from them.

Have a look at some of these below to see exactly what we mean.

(By the way, these genuinely are real LinkedIn profile photo’s from legitimate executives, CEO’s and business owners.)

After looking at them, ask yourself, “Would looking at profile photo
like that leave you with a good impression of that person?”

If you were a recruiter for a company would you want to invite that person to an interview?

If you were a representative for your company, would you want to introduce that person to any of your peers?

We’d hope the answer is a big no.

However, you’d be surprised how many people have a poor looking profile photo on LinkedIn. You’d be even more surprised how many are CEO’s and senior executives of big companies.

And it’s not just individuals making these mistakes either.

It’s entire companies and departments within those companies.

You’ve got entire company departments whose employees all have unprofessional looking profile photo’s, which reflect poorly on the company. And it also shows a lack of consistency in branding and values of the company itself.

Here is what we mean…

Look at the photos above and we’re sure you’ll be able to understand us now when we say it creates a very unprofessional vibe and impression of the company.

If you were looking to work with that company and you suddenly saw all those photos, let’s be honest, you’d start second guessing yourself a little wouldn’t you?

If you’re being totally honest, it would probably put you off.

People always say that first impressions matter and one of the biggest first impressions you can make on LinkedIn is with your profile picture.

In fact, it’s the biggest chance you have immediately of creating a great first impression on LinkedIn.

And if you don’t do that then everything you’re trying to accomplish on LinkedIn becomes much harder.

We will concede that it’s not always easy to find a decent professional headshot so we’re going to make it easy for you.

We’re Offering You A Gett Noticed LinkedIn Photoshoot Where
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Here is what you get:

  • A dedicated professional photographer for the shoot
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After the Gett Noticed LinkedIn Photoshoot, you’ll have a uniform and consistent visual brand across your entire organisation.

One that actually represents your company professionally and makes you look approachable and trustworthy the moment anyone see’s it. And individually, your picture will instantly create warmth and trust with first time visitors.

Here is some examples of what we mean by this.

What Next?

The choice is now yours.

Do you want to continue making a bad first impression and scaring people away from you on LinkedIn?

Or, do you want to create instant trust, likeability and professionalism as soon as someone lands on your profile?

If you’re ready to get a new photo then place your order today for Gett Noticed Photoshoot.