Case Study


Gett Noticed Case Study

Would you like to know how to use case studies to generate leads on LinkedIn?

73% of B2B marketers use case studies as a vital part of their content marketing strategy.

Case studies are often underutilised on LinkedIn but with our Gett Noticed Case Study we’ll not only create a case study for you, we’ll show you how to use it to generate leads.


What It Covers

A case study tells a story about how you helped a client overcome their challenges and achieve their most desired result.

What we’ll do is chat with you about a particular project you worked on with a client. We’ll dive in deep to find out what the specific problems and challenges were for your client. We’ll then talk about the process that you went through with them.

After that, we’ll get into detail about how all of this resulted in you helping your client get the results they were after. We’ll then take everything you tell us, get it transcribed and sent to our expert team of writers.

Our writers will then take everything from the transcription and structure it as a logical story of how your business took a client with a big problem and then used your company’s product or service to overcome that problem.

We’ll also engage with you in a detailed editing and feedback session just to make sure that everything our writers have written is perfect.

After this is finished, you’ll have a Gett Noticed Case Study that generates leads for your company that you can use on your LinkedIn profile.

What You Get

  • A case study in PDF format
  • Editing and feedback session
  • We’ll upload the case study for you