Brand Strategy


Gett Noticed Company Brand Strategy

Are you stuck defining your company’s brand and then communicating it consistently on LinkedIn?

Brand awareness is now more important than ever. If your company is communicating inconsistent and undefined brand messaging then you can be sure it’s hurting your reputation and the perception your target audience has of your business.

A Gett Noticed Company Brand Strategy will improve your branding on LinkedIn fast so you get more exposure and awareness for your company.


What It Covers

This strategy will encompass a holistic approach on how you can generate company branding on LinkedIn and then promote it consistently to your target audience.

This starts with a Strategy Call where we’ll work out specifically what you want your brand voice to be like. We will look at what what you’re currently doing in terms of branding and identify the key issues and mistakes you’re making.

Then we’ll work out a plan for you to create a branding strategy for your company. This will encompass the tone and voice you’re looking to get across in the company’s messaging. It will look at logo’s that are used, background images, and rich media.

We’ll also show you how to create personal and professional branding statements that can be used company wide for all of your employees so branding remains consistent. Once we’ve created a strategy for you, we’ll arrange another time for a presentation session where we’ll present our findings and then go through in detail how you can implement our recommendations.

If you’re looking to create a consistent branding strategy for your company on LinkedIn and increase brand awareness then you need a Gett Noticed Company Brand Strategy.

What You Get

  • Company brand strategy report
  • 1 hour strategy call
  • 1 hour presentation session