Linked Profile Analysis


Gett Noticed LinkedIn Profile Analysis

Want a proven way to get greater exposure and awareness for your LinkedIn profile?

There are 450 million users globally that now have a LinkedIn profile making this the perfect time to maximise opportunities for more growth and exposure with your LinkedIn profile.

The key to making a big impact on LinkedIn is a well-optimised profile that is specifically designed for creating more exposure and awareness for your company, and increasing brand awareness.

Most people don’t have a well-optimised profile or even know where to begin and that is where a free LinkedIn Profile Analysis will help you.


What It Covers

A LinkedIn Profile Analysis is a free 25 minute call with one of our LinkedIn Growth Consultants. The call will be conducted via GoToWebinar so you can get real time pros and cons of your profile live on the call.

Our consultant will analyse your profile using a specific and proven rating system called a Gett Scoring & Rating System we developed after analysing thousands of profiles across different industries. This will tell you what specific areas of your profile need improvement and what areas you did well in.

Then you’ll also get specific recommendations for improving your profile immediately after the call has ended.

This is the easiest way to get started getting better results on LinkedIn and it’s free so there is no risk to you whatsoever.

Here is what you get with this service:

  • A 25 minute call with a LinkedIn Growth Consultant
  • Real time pros and cons of your current LinkedIn profile
  • A Gett Score that will tell you what areas of your profile need improvement
  • Specific recommendations you can make to improve your profile immediately