Profile Makeover


Gett Noticed LinkedIn Model Profile

Would you like us to create a LinkedIn profile for you customised to your unique objectives on LinkedIn?

A well-optimised LinkedIn profile is a core fundamental you must have if you want to get better results on LinkedIn.

However, most people have a LinkedIn profile that resembles a CV. While this is the common approach, it is the least effective one if you actually want to get results on LinkedIn.

We’ll design a LinkedIn Model Profile for you that follows a proven process involving 7 different departments within our organisation. A process developed over two years after analysing thousands of profiles from professionals and companies across numerous industries.


What It Involves

First, we’ll conduct an in-depth interview with you. This will cover areas like your work history, your work experience, your unique skill sets, personality and professional branding, and much more.

Next, we’ll get the interview transcribed and sent to our expert team of writers who will write up your profile taking the most important parts from the transcription. Then we’ll go through an intensive editing and feedback session with you so that we can create your profile exactly as you want it.

After the editing and feedback session, your profile will be ready and we’ll even upload it for you into LinkedIn as part of this service.

Once we have finished, you’ll have a LinkedIn profile that will help you get more exposure, increase company brand awareness, grow your network, and even get more leads if that’s what you’re looking for.

What You Get:

  • 1 hour interview
  • Customised written profile
  • Editing and feedback session
  • Background image
  • Upload your profile