Digital Coaching


Gett Connected One to One Digital Coaching

Are you looking to get incredible exposure and growth on LinkedIn fast?

If you’re looking to massively increase exposure, growth, and leads for your company quickly then our Gett Connected one on one digital coaching is for you.

Coaching is sometimes the best way to overcome obstacles and get incredible results on LinkedIn. Just like with anything, say tennis for example, a coach can help you identify sticking points you previously couldn’t see and then help you overcome them to drastically improve your game.

LinkedIn is no different. With our Gett Connected one on one digital coaching service, you’ll get highly personalised coaching from a LinkedIn expert who will identify your challenges, help you overcome them, and move you closer to your goals on LinkedIn.


What It Covers

Everything to do with LinkedIn will be covered with one on one digital coaching.

This is a highly personalised service with a LinkedIn Growth Consultant. The way it works is that you will sit down in real time with a Gett consultant each week. They will go through your challenges with you and work out what your goals on LinkedIn are. Then they will create specific action steps for you to take each week to help you overcome those challenges and move you closer towards your goals.

For example, if you’re having difficulties generating leads on LinkedIn, your consultant will show you in real time what you need to do to improve this. You’ll be given specific, actionable advice you can implement immediately.

If you’re looking to get more exposure, they’ll give you specific steps to take customised to your unique requirements that will help you get more exposure.

If you’re looking for specific strategies for increasing brand awareness for your company then they’ll show you what you need to do on your profile to achieve this.

Every week you’ll get a call with our consultant and get specific action steps to take on any area of LinkedIn. All bases are covered with this exclusive service.

What You Get

  • Personalised weekly coaching calls
  • Recordings of each call
  • Transcriptions of each call sent to you in PDF format
  • Specific action steps to move you closer to your goals
  • Massive results on LinkedIn fast