Gett Noticed Photoshoot

Does your LinkedIn profile photo make a bad impression that makes you appear unprofessional?

One of the most important things to get right with your LinkedIn profile is the photo you use.

When people land on your LinkedIn profile, they’re making a subconscious judgement about who you are based on your profile picture. They will either perceive you as being a professional that respects his/her position and company or they won’t.

If you have a scruffy looking profile picture then you can be sure that it’s going to create a bad impression and make you appear unprofessional. This then reflects badly on the company you represent, hurting your company’s brand.


Create A Great First Impression With Your Profile

Our photoshoot service will ensure that you and your employees have a series of professional photo’s that make a great impression and show your company is one that can be respected.

One of our professional photographers will come to your office and take a series of professional headshots for your employees. Photo’s will be taken in different positions and from different angles. You’ll then receive edited copies and your employees can choose what photos they want to use for their profile.

By the time you’ve finished, your team will have a series of photos that look professional and are guaranteed to create a great impression, as well as show your company is one that can be respected.

What You Get:

  • Professional headshots for up to 25 employees
  • Edited copies
  • Mobile service – our professional photographer will come to you