Profile Building


Gett Noticed Profile Building Workshop

Would you like your employees to have LinkedIn profiles that promote and grow your company?

Your LinkedIn profile is a fundamental you must get right on LinkedIn. Without a great LinkedIn profile, you can be sure that you’ll never maximise the opportunities available on LinkedIn daily.

A LinkedIn profile should create a great first impression, position you as an authority, achieve branding, and get leads for your company. However, achieving this requires a well-thought out strategy behind your profile.

With our Gett Noticed Profile Building Workshop, your employees will get the complete LinkedIn profile building service that will create consistent branding company wide and help you grow.


What It Covers

This is a day long workshop that covers in detail everything that goes into creating the perfect LinkedIn profile that grows your company.

We’ll start by reviewing what a good and a bad profile looks like, as well as covering the most common mistakes people make with their profiles. This will also include our innovative Gett Scoring system for each of your employees’ profiles. This is a scoring and rating system we developed to analyse a LinkedIn profile. Iit tells us what specific areas of a profile need improving and what areas are done well and was developed after analysing thousands of LinkedIn profiles.

Then we’ll get into extensive detail covering each specific area of a LinkedIn profile. We’ll look at how you can create professional and personal branding in the summary section of a profile. We’ll then show you how to make sure that the branding is consistent across your entire organisation.

We’ll then cover best practices for creating an experience section. We’ll show you exactly how to make your experience section stand out so it grabs the attention of your target audience.

We’ll also cover how you can use your profile to create authority positioning in your industry. This will involve us showing you how to use case studies and ebooks on your profile and where to put them for maximum impact. This will also cover how to use both of these tools to help your company generate leads.

Our Gett Noticed Profile Building Workshop is the easiest way to make sure that all your employees have profiles that represent the company well, get more exposure, and help you grow.

What You Get

  • Detailed instruction on how to optimise a LinkedIn profile
  • More exposure and growth for your company
  • Consistent branding company wide on LinkedIn
  • One on one time with a LinkedIn marketing expert for your team