Gett Connected Recommendations Service

Want to get more recommendations on your profile and boost your credibility?

Recommendations are a powerful but often underutilised feature with LinkedIn.

Recommendations create social proof. If you can create social proof then it increases credibility for you in your organisation and your industry.

Most people don’t have enough recommendations on their LinkedIn profile. Maybe they don’t have time or just don’t know the best way to get them.

Our Gett Connected recommendations service is designed to get you more recommendations on your profile but also turn those recommendations into case studies for powerful authority positioning.


What It Covers

This service involves us going out and getting more recommendations for you. However, we don’t just stop there. We also turn the recommendations we get for you into a powerful case study you can then use on your profile to create authority positioning and generate leads.

The way it works is that we’ll get on the phone with you and find out who your customers are that also have a profile on LinkedIn. Then we’ll call them for you and get them to write you a recommendation.

Next, we’ll get them to go through the work you did for them and the results your work got them. We’ll then take the information we gleaned from the call and turn it into a powerful 4 page case study you can put on your profile.

We’ll also tell you where exactly to put the case study on your profile to maximise its impact and generate leads.

If you’re looking for more recommendations on your profile plus a case study then our Gett Connected Recommendations Service is for you.

What You Get

  • Outreach calls to your customers
  • More recommendations on your profile
  • A case study