Gett Connected Strategy

Would you like a customised road map for achieving your company’s goals on LinkedIn?

Every company has a unique product and service, and every company has a unique target audience. Therefore, your company needs a customised approach for growth using LinkedIn.

This is where our Gett Connected Strategy Session will help you.


What It Covers

With this training, we’ll sit down with you in real time and work out with you what the biggest challenges are for you on LinkedIn, what your goals are, and then create for you a customised road map that shows you step by step how to reach your goals.

We’ll cover specific areas you must get right if you’re to grow your company on LinkedIn. We’ll take a look at your company page and profiles of your employees. We’ll show you how to make sure each area of an employee’s profile is optimised for network growth and even lead generation.

We’ll also walk you through step by step how to create consistent branding on LinkedIn. This will involve us showing you how to develop professional branding statements that can be used on each of your employees’ profiles. It will involve determining what the best rich text media is that you can display on employees’ profiles.

We’ll even dive into some LinkedIn advertising best practices so you can create advertising campaigns designed to generate highly qualified leads and grow your business.

If you’re looking to get a specific strategy laid out for you step by step for growing your company using LinkedIn then this is the training you need.

What You Get:

  • 1 hour consultation and discover call
  • A comprehensive Gett Connected Strategy Report in PDF format
  • 1 hour presentation and review call
  • Option to have delivered as a Powerpoint presentation if you wish