Training Webinar


Gett Growth Training Webinar

Do you want to equip your sales team with specific strategies they can use to grow your company on LinkedIn?

Our Gett Growth Training Webinar will show you step by step how to grow your company on LinkedIn.

The webinar will equip your team with specific skills and knowledge in areas like sales funnel development, messaging, using Sales Navigator, and inbound lead generation techniques.


What It Covers

This is a full day training delivered via webinar that covers key lead generation fundamentals and advanced principles for growing a company using LinkedIn.

We’ll take a look at how to develop a sales funnel using LinkedIn, and the specific strategies behind this you must consider so it will effectively generate leads. We’ll even show you how you can use LinkedIn as a bridge in your funnel to drive traffic to your website complementing your company’s overall marketing and sales strategies.

We’ll cover using case studies, rich media, and ebooks for lead generation purposes. We’ll show you what you must think about before creating these types of content and where to place them on your profile to generate leads effectively. We’ll show you how to create a company page that shows authority positioning but also a presents a strong brand to your target audience.

You’ll then learn how to use Sales Navigator to find the right prospects in your target market and then we’ll show you how to connect with those leads authentically. Plus we’ll show you what messages to send them that increases the likelihood of them becoming a lead.

If you’re looking to equip your sales team with the skills and expertise they need to generate massive growth on LinkedIn then you need a Gett Growth Training Webinar.

What You Get

  • Training day webinar
  • Webinar hosted through GoToWebinar
  • Recording of the webinar
  • Attendance record