Gett Connected Training Webinar

Do you want to equip your team with the tools and knowledge they need to get more exposure, leads and sales via LinkedIn?

If you’d like to use LinkedIn as a vital tool for your company’s growth then this webinar will show you how.

With one of our training day webinars, your team will walk away with the skills and knowledge to use LinkedIn’s basic and advanced tools and features, and be able to use them to achieve your company’s objectives.


What Areas Are Covered

There are a range of specific areas covered to ensure that you and your team get an overall knowledge and the skills to use basic and advanced features of LinkedIn.

We’ll look at things like how you can use your profile and company page to create expert positioning and authority in your positioning. This will cover topics such as using ebooks and case studies, specific keywords you can use in your profile title, and more.

We’ll look at how to grow your connections. This will cover topics like how to reach out to people authentically and get your connection requests approved. It will cover using tools like advanced search to find connections to connect with and then exactly what to write to them to increase your chances of getting connection requests approved.

We’ll address specific tactics to use for generating leads. We’ll cover things like using advanced search to find targeted prospects to reach out to. We’ll look at specific strategies for setting your profile and company page up in such a way that it naturally encourages lead generation and even drives traffic back to your website.

What You Get:

  • Training day webinar
  • Webinars hosted through GoToWebinar
  • Recording of the webinar
  • Attendance record