tips to get referrals and introductions on linkedin

7 Tips To Get Referrals And Introductions On LinkedIn

7 Tips To Get Referrals And Introductions On LinkedIn

If you could get referrals and introductions on LinkedIn, do you think you could grow your business faster?

We can tell you that you’d be able to grow much easier and much faster! Therefore, it’s crucial that you understand how to get more referrals and introductions on LinkedIn.

It’s exactly what we’ll be covering in this blog post.

Tip #1 – Ask

The easiest way to get referrals and introductions on LinkedIn is to just ask. Send a message to your connections and ask them if they know anybody in their network who could potentially benefit from your services.

If you want to really maximise your chances of this working, we recommend that you pick certain people you know well amongst your connections and only send your messages to them. And of course, make sure each message is personalised for maximum impact.

Tip #2 – Get Permission To Be Connected To Others

If you’re looking to connect with 2nd connections that you don’t know personally, the easiest way to do so is to get permission. Reach out to your 1st connections that are connected to that person and use them to ‘piggyback’ into a connection request.

Simply ask your 1st connection, who is connected to the 2nd connection you want to connect with, if it’s okay to mention his or her name in the connection request and that he or she recommended you connect with them for some a specific reason.

Tip #3 – Use Advanced Search

Using Advanced Search is crucial for building lead lists, but there is a clever way to do so enabling you to connect with a cold lead. When searching for prospects, pick either 2nd connections or Groups as the relationship factor for narrowing the search results.

Then, when you’re going along to each prospect, send them a personalised connection request mentioning how you’re both connected to “so-and-so” or a member of the same group. Doing this means you’re much more likely to connect with a cold prospect compared to sending generic messages.

A referral is 2-3 times more likely to result in a successful conversion from prospect to client.


Tip #4 – Make A Better Profile

Your profile is what you convey to other professionals on LinkedIn. If you’re profile is half completed or has a poor profile picture, then it won’t be a good reflection for your fellow professionals.

If your profile is well-optimised then you’ll make a great first impression. The reason why this matters is because your peers don’t want to refer someone to others in their network who have a terrible profile.

For example, you’ll struggle to get connected to CEO’s of Fortune 1000 companies with a half completed profile or a profile picture of you enjoying yourself at a party. Believe it or not, there are more profile pictures like this than you realise!

So make sure your profile is something you’re proud to point people towards. If it isn’t, then you can be sure people in your network aren’t going to feel comfortable referring you to people they know.

Tip #5 – Encourage Referrals On Your Profile

While we’re still on the topic of a good LinkedIn profile, mention in your profile that you’re open to referrals and are looking for them. The most effective way of doing this is to first create a unique selling point (USP) of your company to display in the Summary section of your profile.

Mention in your summary that you’re looking for referrals and to spread the word for your services or some other specific offer. While not everyone will respond, some people will and every new opportunity and lead generated counts.

Tip #6 – Do Something In Return

So you want someone in your network to make an introduction for you? How about offering to give them something in return for the introduction.

This can be an incredibly powerful strategy so it’s worth it.

What you can do is offer to help your connection with something in exchange for the introduction. Perhaps you could give them some kind of business growth analysis. Maybe a special PDF report you created that would help them with a specific problem they face. A case study they could use. A free consultation.

There are so many things you could offer in exchange. It’s a great way to increase the chances of that crucial introduction being made.

A referral is 2-3 times more likely to result in a paying client.


Tip #7 – Join Groups And Be Active In Them

The more groups you’re a part of, the more potential prospects you’ll be able to get introduced to. The way this works in application is simple:

  • Join several groups in your industry
  • Be active in them posting updates, helpful comments, etc
  • Connect with people in those groups
  • Piggyback off those new connections to get introduced to others

If you commit to doing this daily you’ll find that it snowballs into a powerful prospecting strategy. The more groups you join then the more people globally you’ll potentially be able to be introduced to.

Conclusion: 7 Tips To Spot The Best People On LinkedIn

Referrals and introductions are a powerful way to grow your business and LinkedIn is a huge resource for that. The tips in this blog post will help you get more referrals and introductions on LinkedIn.

A key part of being able to get referrals and introductions is having a well-optimised LinkedIn profile. A well-optimised profile forms the basis of all your prospecting efforts on LinkedIn. Without it, you’re going to struggle.

If you’d like to find out for free how to improve your profile with specific recommendations then book a LinkedIn Profile Analysis.