ways to spot the best people on linkedin

7 Ways To Spot The Best People On LinkedIn

7 Ways To Spot The Best People On LinkedIn

If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn, you need to be able to find the best people on there. However, being able to find the best people to connect with is not always the easiest of tasks.

In this blog post, we’re providing 7 tips to the best people on LinkedIn to help you maximise business and work opportunities.

1. Fully Filled Out Profile

The most serious professionals on LinkedIn will have a fully filled out profile. That means every section is filled in and you can see the care applied to creating great content for each section of their profile. People who have a fully filled out profile are generally people who are using LinkedIn for business and networking purposes.

2. Professional Profile Picture

People that take LinkedIn seriously will have a professional profile picture. You can always tell the people that don’t take LinkedIn seriously because they use a profile picture of themselves on holiday, at a bar, social gathering, etc.

They may not realise they’re sub-communicating unprofessionalism but they are. A professional profile picture is a sure sign you’re dealing with a serious professional on LinkedIn.

You should create a buyer persona, regardless of what you're using LinkedIn for.

3. At Least 500+ Connections

If someone has 500 connections or more, then you know that LinkedIn is a serious growth platform for them. These people can potentially introduce you to dozens of people that could help you land your dream business or work opportunity.

4. They’re In At Least Several Groups

Look for the people that are in several groups. If someone is a member of several groups, it means they’re serious about using LinkedIn for networking purposes and to gain more expertise in their specific industry.

5. They’re Publishing Content

Is the particular person on LinkedIn you’re looking at publishing content? The most serious people will have some blog content published and listed on their profile, even if it’s just a couple of blog posts. People that publish content are showing that they’re serious about sharing their expertise with their target audience and using LinkedIn regularly.

There are 500 million global users on LinkedIn.


6. They Post Status Updates

If someone is serious about LinkedIn, they’ll be committed to posting updates consistently. It doesn’t necessarily need to be everyday but at least a couple of updates per week.

7. They Have Endorsements And Recommendations

Social proof is a big sign that someone is an expert and uses LinkedIn for business purposes. Look for profiles where they have at least a dozen or so endorsements for their top listed skills. Also, recommendations are super powerful. If someone has recommendations, you know that this is a professional who does great work and is respected by their peers.

Conclusion: 7 Ways To Spot The Best People On LinkedIn

There you have it. Seven ways to spot the best people on LinkedIn. If you’re looking to grow your network on LinkedIn then use these 7 tips as a guide for the kind of people you want to connect with.

If you need some help with optimising your own LinkedIn profile so that you can make a bigger impact on LinkedIn, get in touch with us for a free LinkedIn Profile Analysis.