top 10 things recruiters look for in a linkedin profile

Top 10 Things Recruiters Look For In A LinkedIn Profile

Top 10 Things Recruiters Look For In A LinkedIn Profile

According to Adweek, 87% of recruiters are using LinkedIn to find new candidates, so it’s important that your profile is able to catch the eye of a passing recruiter if you want to give a boost to your job hunt.

Recruiters are not always looking for the same things as other LinkedIn users or even other hiring managers. They need to know you are a serious candidate and that you will be a good use of their time.

In this article, we’re going to look at 10 of the top things that recruiters look for in your LinkedIn profile. Make sure you are demonstrating all of 10 of these to get approached by the best talent scouts out there.

1. That You’re Looking For Work

Recruiters need to know you’re actively looking for work and there are three main ways to do this on LinkedIn:

  • Turn on the ‘Open Candidate’ feature and outline the role you’re looking for and the industry you fit into.
  • Complete your profile fully so that recruiters know you are serious about using LinkedIn.
  • Mention in your work history or summary about your ambitions for the future and how you want to shape the industry.

top 10 things recruiters look for in a linkedin profile

2. Language They Can Understand

Recruiters don’t want to decipher a LinkedIn profile and it can be difficult to understand what statistics, jargon, and buzzwords are really saying.

Between recruiters, human resources, and office assistants – it may be a while before your profile is actually read by a knowledgeable industry expert who understands what all of your abbreviations and tech talk mean.

Make sure your profile is written mostly in plain English and is easily comprehensible to a wide audience.

3. A Good Understanding Of Your Work History And Experience

While it’s true that your profile shouldn’t be too esoteric, it should also provide all of the key information a recruiter needs about your history.

For example, is it clear that you have experience managing a team? Giving presentations or making pitches? Using advanced technical techniques? Recruiters will not always assume the best about your work experience.

It’s also helpful to go into some detail about what you specialise in and how deep your knowledge of the industry is.

4. That You’re Not Hiding Anything

Recruiters want to work with you to find a job but that might be an issue if you’re hiding something. This might be a lack of experience, gaps in your employment history, or a record of moving jobs a lot. Recruiters look bad if they recommend an unsuitable candidate.

To avoid this problem, be honest in your profile, fill out everything fully, and make sure to include all relevant skills and experience. Recruiters have seen it all before, so don’t use overblown job titles or manipulate statistics to make an increase from 20 to 40 sales into a 100% increase in sales.

5. That You Are Professional And Risk-Free

Recruiters want an easy life and they’re not usually looking for wild card candidates or a diamond in the rough.

Everything in your profile should suggest you are a seasoned professional – from your copy, to your profile headshot, to what you share on LinkedIn’s publishing platform.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t have a strong sense of personality or that your profile needs to be dry but you shouldn’t appear amateurish or crass.

top 10 things recruiters look for in a linkedin profile

6. A Clear Understanding Of What You Offer

It should be clear from your profile what your work experience is and the type of role you are looking for, but what is it that you are actually offering a future employer? What’s your unique selling point?

Your summary and work history need to show off your brand and give an insight into the value you offer beyond meeting the minimum requirements of a job.

Basing their understanding of your entirely on your LinkedIn profile, how would a recruiter pitch you to someone else?

7. A Story About Your Career

There is good evidence that people respond well to information when it’s presented as part of a story. When it comes to a LinkedIn profile, this story should be how you got into the industry, how your responsibilities and values evolved, and how your past experiences continue to drive your work.

It shouldn’t appear as though you’ve drifted from one job to another, but instead that your career was always growing and picking up momentum as you went along. 

telling a story with your linkedin profile - things recruiters look for in a linkedin profile

8. A Large Network Of Contacts

Having a large LinkedIn network is important for getting noticed by more people but it has two other key benefits when it comes to recruiters.

The first benefit is that a person with lots of powerful industry connections can provide more value to a future employer. A large network is evidence that you can help procure talent or build new supply or businesses relationships.

The second benefit is that joining your network will give the recruiter access to a wider net of talented recruits.

9. Good Recommendations And Endorsements

Recruiters know that LinkedIn recommendations and skill endorsements are often made by friends or colleagues but that still shows the ability to create a strong team and a well-written recommendation can make some compelling points.

Take the time to secure strong recommendations and don’t be afraid to ask the writer to include certain talking points or to mention a specific project you worked on.

recommendations on linkedin - things recruiters look for in a linkedin profile

10. A Quick Snapshot Of Who You Are

Your LinkedIn profile should be more than the sum of its parts and the whole thing should work as one strong snapshot of who you are and what you offer. If a recruiter can’t quickly get an insight into your career, your work history, or where you’re based, then they’ll quickly move on.

Getting this right will require a delicate balance of succinct copy, a professional-looking profile, and various LinkedIn flourishes that make you stand out from the crowd.

Conclusion: Top 10 Things Recruiters Look For In A LinkedIn Profile

When trying to impress recruiters with your LinkedIn profile, try to think of how it will look from their point of view and how they could use your profile to sell you.

An ideal profile is one that very quickly establishes you as a professional with a lot to offer and a promising future. Take your time getting it all right before you start driving attention towards your page.

If you’d like some help creating the perfect LinkedIn profile, then get in touch with the social media experts at GettResults for a free profile analysis.