Gett Tiers of Partnership

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One of the great features with the Gett Results Partnership
Program are the tiers of partnership we offer.

There are four tiers available to partners.

Each affects on how much revenue partners can earn per referral. There are also special bonuses available specific to each tier and prizes available when certain milestones are passed.

Upon entry into the partnership program, all partners will start off in the Bronze tier. Partners can move up into higher tiers based on how many referrals they send our way. So the more referrals you send us, the higher you’ll progress in our tiers and the more bonuses, prizes, and commissions available.

All partners start here once they’re accepted into the partnership program. Partners in this tier will receive a 10% commission on all referrals they send us that we turn into a sale.

There are no bonuses or prizes available for this tier.

Partners will move into the silver tier when they send us 50 referrals. Commissions are based at 15% on all referrals in this tier.

There are also no special bonuses and prizes for this tier.

The Gold tier is available to partners once they send us 100 referrals. All Gold tier partners will get a 20% commission rate on all referrals.

As a special bonus, we also offer partners in this tier the option to participate in a co-hosted webinar with us. We create and run the webinar, you promote it to your clients and any referrals generated from this are at a special 30% commission rate.

Once a client sends us 200 referrals they move into the Platinum tier. Here, partners will get a 25% commission on all referrals.

Special bonuses for this include hosting a speaking event with Caleb Storkey, the CEO of Gett Results, where your company will get a share of the profits generated from the event. There will also be a regular monthly Mastermind group call with Caleb each month only for the Platinum tiered partners where you’ll get his insider tips on how to maximise your earnings with the program.

We also have a special prize for partners that generate the most revenue in this tier. They’ll win a luxurious holiday to an exotic destination in the Caribbean!

“Our Gett consultant looked at our business model in a completely different light from what others had seen. He immediately spotted more efficient, scalable and practical ways to drive our business forward. This has meant that we were able to streamline our processes and focus on the bottom line.”

Olivia Sibony, Grubclub