Using LinkedIn Effectively: 7 Ways To Spot People Who Will Waste Your Time On LinkedIn


Using LinkedIn Effectively: 7 Ways To Spot People Who Will Waste Your Time On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is invaluable for businesses and professionals but you need to ensure that all the time you spend on it has a good return on investment. Nothing hurts using LinkedIn effectively more than time wasters.

These are people who will use up your time but offer little in return for it: prospective employees who are too good to be true or entrepreneurs who are always talking about projects that never leave the idea stage.

Here we’ll look at seven red flags that indicate a person may not value your time. If you see several of these stack-up and you’re having doubts about a person, then it may be time to move on.

1. They Have An Incomplete Profile

Not everyone has time to create a dazzling LinkedIn profile but you need to question why someone wouldn’t even take 30 minutes to fill out the basics or why they’re unwilling to upload a profile picture.

If you don’t know the person outside of LinkedIn, then consider messaging them before accepting any connection request or spend some time researching them online. Treat an unfinished profile the same way you would an unfinished CV.

an incomplete linkedin profile - using linkedin effectively

2. They Don’t Introduce Themselves When Connecting

When you attempt to connect with someone via LinkedIn there is the option of sending a personalised message alongside your request. You should always take the time to introduce yourself or to give a personalised greeting – even if you’ve met them before.

Not doing this suggests someone is only looking to gain connects or doesn’t intend to offer you much value on LinkedIn. Getting more connects is important but LinkedIn is a way of networking not just accumulating numbers.

Here are some more tips for engaging with your target audience on LinkedIn.

3. Their Profile Lacks Focus

If you’ve spent a while looking at someone’s profile and you’re still not entirely sure what they’re about or what they’re looking for, then they might be potential time wasters.

At best they don’t know how to communicate properly and at worst they are trying to hide something.

You should take particular caution if someone is trying to appear important but they don’t  have the experiences to back up their claims, if they don’t provide information about previous companies, or if they’ve fluffed their profile up with buzzwords.

Sometimes these people aren’t just time wasters but also scammers – learn how to spot some of the more common LinkedIn scams.

4. They Are Very Abrupt

Earlier we discussed people who don’t introduce themselves but being abrupt isn’t much better. This often comes in the form of lazy one-line emails, dismissive or rude comments, and messages that require lots of additional information to understand.

If somebody expects you to make all of the effort, then it’s unlikely that they are going to truly respect your time. Brief or succinct messages are fine but if you feel someone is being abrupt, then they probably are.

abrupt people on linkedin - using linkedin effectively

5. They Use Cold Calling Techniques

Cold calling is an ancient form of marketing where an unknown person approaches you and tries to sell you something you didn’t ask for. It is a legitimate approach in some circumstances but it has a bad reputation for a reason.

LinkedIn allows you to avoid incoming cold-call messages by limiting who can connect to your immediate network and who can send you messages.

However, if you’re using LinkedIn to connect with new people, then you may still come across cold calling techniques. Look out for text that appears to be scripted, being overwhelmed with information, or people being overly familiar early on.

6. They’re Too Quick Or Too Slow To Take Action

When you are looking at starting a project or discussing a new work opportunity – someone being too quick or slow to take action can be a warning sign.

If you’re being rushed through the introductory or initial stages of a process, then it’s possible this person goes through people quickly or they’re disorganised. This can be a particularly insidious type of time wasting because you end up heavily involved by the time you’ve noticed the bigger flaws in what’s happening.

Equally, someone who is too slow to respond or requires continual prompting to move things forward may not see you as their priority or is, once again, disorganised.  

7. They Repost Old Content Or Use Outdated Information

You may notice some LinkedIn users linking to old articles, recycling content they’ve previously made, or talking about ideas that are widely seen as debunked or old fashioned.

This isn’t necessarily a reason to write someone off too quickly but it does suggest they’re not respecting the time of their LinkedIn network or that they’re not up-to-date with their own industry.

If they make a habit of doing this, then it’s possible they are going to waste your time when dealing with you in person as well.

using outdated info on linkedin - using linkedin effectively

Conclusion: Using LinkedIn Effectively

It’s often self-evident whether someone is wasting your time but as your LinkedIn profile grows you may find that you need to detect early on whether someone is potentially going to waste your time.

Don’t be too quick to judge but also don’t be too slow to shut down someone who is not respecting you or your time. It’s all part and parcel of the process for using LinkedIn effectively.

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