How To Generate More Leads With Less Effort Using LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms Feature

using linkedin's lead gen forms feature

How To Generate More Leads With Less Effort Using LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms Feature

As of April, 2017, LinkedIn added the Lead Gen Forms feature to its advertising repertoire making generating quality leads via LinkedIn advertising much easier.

This means collecting valuable information from leads is faster and more efficient because these forms are configured to be pre-filled using a form in the LinkedIn ad itself rather than sending the prospect off LinkedIn to a website landing page.

But, do you know how to best utilise this new feature? That’s what we’re diving into with this blog post.

How It Works

With LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms feature, interested prospects can now enter their contact details to receive an advertising promotion via a pre-built form that is configured into the ad. This makes generating leads much easier for the advertiser because 57% of LinkedIn users are using a Mobile so now they can fill out the form without needing to click off to an external website.

In fact, because it’s auto-populated, they don’t even need to fill out anything at all.The beauty with this is that for the most part, you know the contact details you’ll get are accurate because it’s taking information from the person’s LinkedIn profile, which needs to be up to date. Compare this to filling out a form on an external website where people can enter false or partial information.

Benefits Of Using Them For Your Business

If your advertising campaigns are set up correctly then you can see immediate benefits from using these Lead Gen forms. You’re more likely to generate leads using these forms as part of your campaign compared to not using them. That is boils down to the convenience of using these pre-built forms compared to the inconvenience of clicking off LinkedIn to fill out a form.

This means you’re going to be getting more leads from people that may not have ever consumed your content or became exposed to your business. So it’s a great way to increase awareness for your content, offers, and also your brand.

Either way, LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms are a feature that businesses looking to advertise on LinkedIn need to consider.

How To Make This Feature Work For Your Business’ LinkedIn Advertising Campaigns

The last thing you want to do is slap up any old ad campaign and just hope it gets results. Before launching your ad campaign using LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms, you first want to get clear on who your target audience is on LinkedIn.

Once you’ve gotten clear on who you want to show your ads to, you then need to make sure that you have an offer that they’re likely to be interested in. This could be packaged in the form of a webinar, PDF report, ebook, or even a case study. Regardless of how you package your offer, it needs to address a big pain point experienced by your target audience and show them how they can overcome the problem.

When you start to set up your ad campaigns, make sure that your call to action button gives users the option to fill out the Lead Gen Form as the means to access the offer you’re promoting.

Conclusion: Using LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms Feature To Generate More Leads

LinkedIn’s Lead Gen Forms are a great way businesses can generate more leads much easier compared to sending traffic off LinkedIn to an external website. We recommend that you at least try this feature in your business’ advertising campaigns and see what kind of results it yields.

If you’d like to speak with us about implementing this feature as part of your LinkedIn advertising campaigns then get in touch for a customised LinkedIn strategy today.