Register for this webinar and find out how you can make an extra £5000 per month just for referring clients to us!

We’re offering you a chance to join us as a partner in promoting our LinkedIn marketing solutions services where you can potentially earn an additional £5000 in revenue per month.

This is not like other partnership or affiliate programs where you need to make 100 referrals of a $20 ebook just to make a decent amount of revenue. Instead, we created a partnership program that is exclusive and high-ticket so you get bigger and better commissions than many other partnership programs on the market today.

All you need to do as a partner is refer clients to us. We then put them in tested and proven funnels where we nurture your referrals and turn them into paying clients.

Then you sit back and watch the revenue start pouring into your account.

What We Sell

We offer a range of services across three core product lines. Our three product lines consist of:

GETT Noticed

GETT Growth

GETT Results

Each of these product ranges has around a dozen or so different services all catering to various areas of LinkedIn marketing.

For example, our GETT Noticed range is primarily all about helping people get more notice and exposure on LinkedIn. This always starts with a well-optimised profile so we create LinkedIn model profiles that are designed to get clients the notice and attention they need.

The core product you’ll be promoting from this range is our LinkedIn Model Profile creation service, which sells at a starting price of £350.

Our GETT Growth range is the next step up from GETT Noticed. The aim of services within this product line that are to help individuals and companies get more leads using LinkedIn. We have a range of paid webinars and training day packages you can promote with prices ranging from xxx.

GETT Results is all about taking the positive growth you’re already getting from LinkedIn and really looking at ways to optimise it more and get a greater ROI. In this product line, we turn up the heat and really show how LinkedIn is a vital marketing and sales tool for any individual or company.

You’ll also be promoting webinars and training day packages from this line just like with GETT Growth. These start anywhere from XXX.

As you can see with these prices, you don’t need to make many successful referrals to hit that £5000 per month mark.


Why Should I Join You As A Partner?

This is an easy way to add more revenue to your bottom line with very little work on your part.

We’re not charging bargain basement prices for these services. This is high-ticket and your commissions are set to be much bigger than with your typical partnership program.

Furthermore, we’re also a reputable company so you’ll get that credibility by association factor just by partnering with us on this. We’ve worked with FTSE 100 companies, SME’s, business owners, CEO’s, and self-employed professionals.

Importantly, we also get our clients results with our LinkedIn marketing solutions. For example, see a couple of these testimonials below.

“It was great to work with Gett Results and was well worth the investment. It was informative and has made a difference to me, enabling me to have more direction. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Gett Results and all of their LinkedIn services.”

– Chris Fairhurst – Principal Lawyer | Family Law

“I recently met Gett Results and their team are cheery, friendly – and very helpful. They went through and analysed my Linkedin profile with me, showing me how to improve it. They also took professional head shots of me to enhance my profile and I’ve now used this photo for both my Linkedin and Google accounts. Thanks to Gett Results, I now have a Linkedin profile that stands out from the crowd.”

– Dianne Taylor

“My LinkedIn Profile Analysis with Gett Results came along at the perfect time. We had already had talks in-house that we should update our LinkedIn presence. Through the team I got some brilliant advice, tips, and some great quick fixes. I would highly recommend Gett Results. We are now looking at working with Gett Results as part of an ongoing strategy.”

– Gemma Campion – CE Media


Finally, this is a very unique service we’re offering. There are few, if any, other agencies in the UK or even globally that offer such comprehensive marketing solutions specifically tailored to LinkedIn.

So just by partnering with us on this, you’re going to be getting exclusive access to a unique marketing solution that will give your company greater credibility and positioning amongst your own client base.

What The Webinar Will Cover Specifically

Specifically, you’re going to learn more about everything there is to know about our entire partnership program.

It will cover things like:

  • A detailed overview of how our marketing and sales process works – you’ll see how all you need to do is refer clients and
  • we’ll do the rest
  • All the marketing and advertising material you’ll receive – making your job of promoting these services 10x easier
  • The specific products and training packages you can promote and your potential revenue earnings from each of them
  • How to actually spot the best clients to refer plus we’ll outline a process for you that makes spotting these clients easier
  • Special privileges on offer for partners who refer the most clients to us successfully
  • How we guarantee legally that we won’t encroach on any of the work you’re currently doing with your clients
  • Overall, the kind of experience you’re going to get as a partner with us

After you’ve watched this webinar you’ll get a clear understanding of what’s on offer as a partner of ours and the benefits you’re set to receive.

Who Is This Ideal For?

This is really only ideal for other marketing agencies or companies already offering marketing solutions to their clients but wish to extend their product range with minimal effort.

Ideally, you should already have a client base that you can refer clients to us from. If you’re a complete beginner then this is not necessarily the best partnership program for you.

You also need to be serious about your commitment as a partner with us. We only want the most serious partners joining us who will actually commit to putting in the time required each day to send us referrals.

We’re also looking to form long-lasting relationships with companies that also share values similar to us. If you don’t believe in doing revolutionary work, transparency, integrity, or are passionate about the work you do then you probably won’t be ideal as a long-term partner.