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Should I Hire Someone To Write My LinkedIn Profile?

Should I Hire Someone To Write My LinkedIn Profile?

Many people start out on LinkedIn by more-or-less copying over their CV and leaving it that, but once they discover the enormous opportunities available on LinkedIn they realise a more polished and robust profile is required.

The deceptively simple task of writing a few paragraphs about yourself can take hours, as you sift through your entire career and awkwardly re-write your opening sentence for the eighth time.  

It needs to be perfect. Your profile isn’t a CV seen only by HR: it’s publicly available to every one of your peers, colleagues, and future employers with no chance to explain it at interview.

So is it worth hiring someone to create it for you? Here we’re going to look at the advantages of hiring a specialist to create your profile, not just because it saves you time but because it can change how you see your career.

Saving Money With A LinkedIn Specialist

“Why would I hire someone, when I can create it myself for free?” This a common train of thought when it comes to hiring a specialist but unless your time is worth nothing, then it’s never going to be free.

And it’s easy to underestimate how long it might take you. To begin with, you need to write up your work history, create a tagline, and pen an impressive summary. It needs to tell a story, it needs to tease out all the important points without bragging, and it needs to be meticulously constructed.

On top of this, you need to pay attention to skills, recommendations, endorsements, groups, and more. The list of features you can use is constantly growing.

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You’ll need to allocate time to finding how those features work and with social media, nothing is straightforward. You need to use keywords and key phrases, you need to optimise everything for search engines, and you need to be aware of how LinkedIn displays your information in a search.

A specialist not only knows how to create and grow a LinkedIn profile, they can do it in a fraction of the time it would take you because they’ve worked with a huge variety of clients and are in tune with all the latest social media developments.

Elevating Your Profile To New Heights

LinkedIn is changing the way people think about marketing themselves. A LinkedIn page operates like a webpage, which allows you to include images, videos, and long-form content such as blogs.

There’s room to make pitches to new clients, advertise products, create calls to action, and show-off side projects you’ve worked on.

A specialist can help make your profile stand out by:

  • Creating a banner that sets the tone for your profile
  • Designing a headshot which creates a first impression that will last for years
  • Including rich media such as videos and podcasts to keep viewers looking
  • Building reciprocal recommendations and making personalised introductions
  • Getting viewers to sign up to marketing pushes or to visit third party websites

Your profile can then be made even stronger with the use of third-party tools that allow you to see how well optimised things are for search engines, to map how big your network is, and to bring in extra viewers and connects.  

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Viewing Your Career Through Someone Else’s Eyes

Many people find that the most valuable part of hiring a specialist to create your profile is how it can reframe your career in a new light.

It can be difficult to highlight what’s so special about your own skill set and experiences and it’s even more difficult to sell it. This is when an outside and impartial viewpoint is crucial.

When someone takes the time to go through your work history it can focus on strengths you didn’t know you had, make your career motivations more obvious, and help define what it is you’re looking for.

The process can really transform the way you talk about yourself in interviews and firm up your professional identity.

Conclusion: Write My LinkedIn Profile Myself Or Hire An Expert?

Remember, when you hire a specialist, the thing you’re actually paying for is the new opportunities, the increased exposure, and the contacts you can make. You’re not saving time – you’re making an investment.

A strong LinkedIn profile involves more than just taking the time to write it and by hiring a specialist you can maximise viewers, leave a strong impression, and improve your authority in the industry.

To get started with making your new LinkedIn profile you can get a free analysis from the social media experts at GettResults.